Studies on Separation of Curcumin from its Solution Using Liquid Membrane Technique

Hazarika, Bhaskor Jyoti (2018) Studies on Separation of Curcumin from its Solution Using Liquid Membrane Technique. MTech thesis.

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This work reports extraction and the recovery of curcumin ions utilizing the Bulk liquid membrane (BLM) procedure. A solution of pure curcumin was utilized as a source phase or model contaminant for the curcumin ions. Sunflower oil was the selected green diluent such as vegetable oils, utilized as the liquid membrane (LM) bulk part. An aqueous solution of NaOH was observed to be the successful stripping phase with optimum arrangement strength of 0.75 N. The impact of compelling parameters on the extraction of curcumin was considered and the optimum conditions were obtained. At that point a hypothetical model was produced for precarious state transport of curcumin ions through the BLM. In this model, the selection of the most suitable solvent and carrier, optimum pH of source phase and the most performing strip phase strength in the BLM experiment were considered. The fractional and finish differential conditions got for feed, LM, and the stripping phase were numerically established and the outcomes were discriminated with literatures information. The confirmed kinetic model was utilized to mimic the focus conveyance of the species/carrier complexation at the feed/membrane interface and the decomplexation at membrane/strip interface. The recovered LM was utilized for back to back cycles to amplify its utilization and the preparatory reusability information demonstrated that both % extraction and % recovery remains to a great extent unaffected till ten successive cycles and after those minor reductions of performance.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Curcumin; Bulk liquid membrane; Vegetable oil; Extraction; Recovery
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