Design of a RESTful architecture for a mobile assisting real-time Health-care system

Nikose, Ritesh Dhananjay (2018) Design of a RESTful architecture for a mobile assisting real-time Health-care system. MTech thesis.

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Nowadays health-care has become an indispensable part of our life. In order to lead a healthy life, it is necessary to monitor health conditions on a regular basis. Due to advancement in science and technology, it is possible to monitor health conditions by the wearable sensor-based system. The wearable health-care system will potentially transform the future of health-care system by enabling personal health management and monitoring of a patient’s
health condition. The wearable system consists of different sensors, processing capabilities, and transmission modules which helps to fulfill the low-cost objective. The complex
architectural design of wearable real-time health-care system makes it more challenging to develop. To achieve the real-time and good quality of health care it is essential to design the proper architecture of a system which is scalable and highly cost-effective. In this paper, we designed an architecture for RESTful architecture of mobile Health-care system and developed a low-cost wearable device for a mobile health-care system which transmits the basic health parameters sensed by the sensors using wearable devices from patients of remote areas to the doctors and the hospitals in real-time. The system also has the capability to predict the diseases on the provided parameters using machine learning techniques. This system is based on latest web technologies such as RESTful, Node.Js, and MongoDB and new biomedical sensors such as pulse monitor, glucose monitor, temperature monitor and ECG monitor which serves our purpose of building real-time, qualitative and cost-effective system.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:REST; Mobile health-care; Architecture; Real-time; Wearable device.
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