Analysis of Microstrip Patch Antenna Array using Defected Ground Structure

Kumar, Rohit (2018) Analysis of Microstrip Patch Antenna Array using Defected Ground Structure. MTech thesis.

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This work aims to obtain a microstrip E-patch antenna using defected ground structure (DGS) for S-band and C-band. E-shape configuration provides the broad bandwidth that is used in different applications like biomedical application, remote sensing, mobile radio, satellite communication etc. E-shapeis designed by incorporating two parallel slots into the Rectangular microstrip patch antenna for Bandwidth enhancement. E-shape microstrip patch antenna consists of small conducting patch built on a ground plane separated by dielectric substrate. Integrated defects or slots on the ground plane are referred as Defected ground structure (DGS).DGS is a technique for improving the various parameters of patch antenna that is,narrow bandwidth, low gain etc. An antenna is the essential part of communication
engineering. Microstrip antennas are one of the most popular antennas in wireless communication. Hence antenna should be designed such that there will be low return
loss with increased gain. The performance evaluation of the designed antennas is carried out considering return loss, VSWR and gain. In this work, an antenna is designed considering two substrates; FR4 and Rogers Duroid 5880, with a fixed substrate height (h=1.5mm). Excitation is provided to the antenna by microstrip feed line which is a conducting strip directly connected to the edge of the patch antenna. A comparison study of E-shape microstrip patch antenna without DGS and Rectangular shape microstrip patch antenna without DGS are carried out in this work which shows E-shape microstrip patch antenna without DGS performs better than the rectangular shape patch antenna. Further, the work is expanded to array design where E-shape microstrip patch array antenna with DGS is designed to compare with the performance of Rectangular patch antenna with DGS. Simulation is carried out by using ANSYS HFSS software. HFSS is a tool to evaluate the design. An inbuilt optimizer in HFSS module is used to optimize the design of this antenna.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:E-shape microstrip patch antenna; Defected ground structure (DGS); Substrate (FR4 and Rogers 5880); Return loss; Bandwidth; HFSS
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Electrical Engineering > Wireless Communication
Divisions: Engineering and Technology > Department of Electrical Engineering
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