Study of Algae Growth Using co2 From the Engine Exhaust

Mallick, Nirmal Charan (2018) Study of Algae Growth Using co2 From the Engine Exhaust. MTech thesis.

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In this investigation, an effective method of utilizing waste heat recovery is explored. For this purpose, a twin cylinder four stroke water cooled direct injection (DI) constant speed engine developing power of 7.36 kw was used. A shell and tube heat exchanger was developed and designed to cool the exhaust gas of the engine. The test engine was operated at different conditions of injection pressure, (i.e. 185,195,205,215 bar) and different injection timings (i.e.18, 21, 24,27,30).The CO2 level and other engine exhaust emissions such as CO, NO and HC were measured at different engine load conditions. The highest CO2 was chosen and supplied for growing algae. The results are presented in this paper. The performance parameters such as brake thermal efficiency, brake specific fuel consumption at different engine loads when the engine was operated with different fuel injection pressures were evaluated and compared with desired operation.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Diesel engine; Injection pressure; Injection timing Heat exchanger; Algae
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