Interface for Eucalyptus Cloud Connecting Software

Kishore, Pushkar (2017) Interface for Eucalyptus Cloud Connecting Software. MTech thesis.

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We are living in a world where technology is expanding at a great pace.One of the popular technology named cloud computing is also going in a exponential growth.People and organizations are today keeping their data and applications on Internet which seems to be beneficial to them.In spite of all these things going on confusion and claims are also available on Internet.Sometimes user want to use the program a few times,for example using a program in university.So its not feasible to install program in each system,like a program named LINPACK.So,there is need of having it installed in cloud and also have great computational power.Seeing the problems,a tool is needed to solve the problem of LINPACK installation by providing proper tool.Something like that is necessary, a friendly client interface upon permission which allows clients to open LINPACK in the cloud clinched alongside with a comfortable way,people forget the thing that it’s inside the framework which is designed and implemented.A client friendly interface for accessing eucalyptus, a private cloud framework and also run effectively applications facilitated inside.
Similarly, after sometime we will know that, Eucalyptus is a software that permits the management of a private Cloud infrastructure. The Truth is that a client that needs to run LINPACK in the cloud don’t have to know the infrastructure containing this program. So, a client side is developed for this.After going through all the problems we found that Eucalyptus is a tool suitable for managing private cloud Infrastructure. Also it is not good to have people know the infrastructure of the system for using the tool LINPACK which is installed in the cloud. A Programming language is found first for communicating with the Eucalyptus. For the communication purpose, web Services are required. They use protocol like SOAP/XML that’s why its language independent. After searching for a proper API,we have found Typica. Typica is an API used in Java that can be used with Amazon EC2 and it is also compatible with Eucalyptus. Using the project Matisse, a client end is developed. We have taken 2 different examples for studying. The first one is to check what amount of time is required for writing a disk. Finding is that it’s very nearly 4 times quicker in the cloud. The second example is to calculate Determinant of a Matrix and multiply it by 10.We are getting computational time reduced to half. Following all the results we have seen that problems needing large computational time are working well.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Linpack; Eucalyptus; Amazon EC2; JSwing; Java; Typica ; Cloud Computing
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