Sensor Selection for IoT Services in Fog Environment

Shukla, Jaya (2018) Sensor Selection for IoT Services in Fog Environment. MTech thesis.

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Internet of Things (IoT) is a technique to connect each and everything to Internet,and it provides anything at anytime regardless of irrespective of the location of the thing.As we are moving towards the IoT, the number of sensors deployed around the world is also growing at a rapid pace and an accelerated growth is expected in future. An increasing number of IoT middleware solutions are being developed in both research as well as commercial environments.However, sensor search and selection still remains a critical requirement and a challenge owing to its diversity and heterogeneity.It is a cumbersome task to identify the correct sensor for data collection among these sensor embedded smart objects. Sometimes an object or device may contain multiple sensors. Specialized sensor search and ranking is needed for optimal sensor selection in such case due to veracity of sensors. This becomes further challenging if the scenario of real time services is considered as the response has to be generated within certain time limit to maintain the efficiency of IoT applications and ensure its quality when deployed in the IoT environment. For time sensitive applications, fog computing was introduced into IoT to generate response within acertain deadline. To keep the response time minimum a proper fog infrastructure and configuration needs to be established and the even role of chosen sensors becomes more critical.A new architecture for fog computing has been proposed with its mathematical modeling and logical design too achieve the objective of minimized latency.Various methods have been introduced to carefully choose the fog node that helps in reducing the overall delay and generating quick responses.Further it has tobe taken care of that it is a resource constrained environment and hence minimal use of resources is desired with the foremost being energy that is the most scarce resource in the IoT system.Hence,different methods have been proposed to carryout a low latency and energy efficient sensor selction process for IoT services in the fog environment associated with any application presented in the form of flow based process(FBP).The methods have been compared with some existing methods and have shown better results in terms of different parameters.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Internet of Things; Fog Computing; Sensor Selection; Service Selection; Latency Minimization; Energy Efficiency
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