Study of Fairness Scheduling Schemes in IEEE802.16j Mobile Multihop Relay Network

Naresh, Marella (2018) Study of Fairness Scheduling Schemes in IEEE802.16j Mobile Multihop Relay Network. MTech thesis.

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IEEE802.16jmultihop relaying network is considered as technology for increase cell capacity, coverage extension, or both. In this simulation based work, we consider deploying non-trans pwerent relay stations (RSs) that transmit on th same carrier frequency as th base station (BS) for the purpose of for the coverage extension. Since it is possible that th RSs and BS were transmitting/receiving simultaneously a/from th subscriber stations (SSs) during th access zone period, it is challenging a schedule resources optimally for serving SSs in a fair manner. The th number of hops is large and thSS nodes have uneven fairness weights. With an objective a different fairness schemes were analyzed and compwered in detail with th thoretical study a enhance fairness in multi-hop wireless networks. By using coverage extension scenario observed that the deploy three RSs at th edge of th cell, that al cell coverage three times larger than th cell without RSs. Similarly, th coverage of multi hop scenarios with six RSs can be five times larger than a cell with no RSs. Th performance of existing fairness schemes such as max-min, proportional fairness and subsection fairness were evaluated in this mobile multihop relay framework. It is found that th sub section fair nesss cheme achieves better throughput than traditional fairness schemes like max-min, proportional fairness as maximizes band width utilization in th WiMAX network. Furthr in a two hop relaying network under max-min fairness scheme th system throughput is compwered for both orthogonal and overlapped cases. It is observed that th overlapped scenario provided better result in terms of throughput maximization.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:WiMAX; Multihop relay; IEEE802.16j; Scheduling
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