Design and Development of Multipurpose Load Carrier

Singh , Narendra (2018) Design and Development of Multipurpose Load Carrier. MTech thesis.

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Load carrier is a new invention to help the workers to work comfortably without any problem and risk of any kind of damage and health issues. It may be used at places like construction sites, industries, ports, etc. or we can say any place where there is need to lift and carry heavy loads by hands or on shoulders and head. This is an ergonomically designed carrier to improve the working condition of labours and reduce the risk of injuries to head, shoulders, hands, waist, etc. The main objective is to provide the workers with the facility to carry the loads in three easy ways which are over the head, at the back and push or pull action. It is easy to make and cheap in cost and also, it is easily available. It does not require much skilled labour also to make it. The different devices and different load carriers discussed here are the new and better inventions for the carrying of loads easily and safely without giving any injury to the any part of the body like head, neck, shoulder, legs, hands, etc. These new load carriers are designed in such a way that they are light in weight, easy to use and operate easily without any strain to the muscles and the body parts. Different devices are used for different purposes but the main aim for all is same and that is to reduce the injury level and strain to the body in all the possible ways. Some are used for the industrial purposes and some for the household purposes like gardening. Few of these are based over the method to take and carry the load by different body parts in different manners to avoid injury and risk to strains. All the apparatus discussed below have their own area and method of use and all have their different advantages over the previous versions and the current apparatus also.
Multipurpose load carrier is being designed for construction siteworkers as it is observed that they face a lot of problems during lifting and transporting heavy loads over their back and head. This causes strains and pain in their body because of bad posture. This load carrier will transfer the load through the shoulders. The load carrier consists of two L shaped vertical links, four horizontal links and other two links which will provide the folding feature. There will be two more links connected with L shaped links by means of fasteners or nut-bolt. These links will make direct contact with the shoulders. All the links will connect together to behave as a rigid body frame while working. This load carrier can take up to 50 kg of load at a time. It can be easily handled and transported from one place to another due to the folding structure. The angles provided for the links are being analysed by REBA and RULA analysis, so that it will give ergonomically designed angles for the links. Also, the stress and deflection analysis of the designed load carrier are done using ANSYS software. After the final design, the main outcome will be a new and more user friendly device.
This will provide a comfortable and economical resource to work with better labour efficiency. This load carrier provides a better and comfortable posture and allows them to carry more heavy loads. It will also reduce the time for work and will give more output with less input efforts. It is easy to make as the material used is easily available, light weight and economical, which is stainless steel. Moreover, it does not require much skilled labour to fabricate it.

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