Simulation of Bullet Using Finite Element Method

Kumar , Shivcharan (2018) Simulation of Bullet Using Finite Element Method. MTech thesis.

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Present research work simulates the dynamics of a bullet and its penetration over a flexible material. The role of various parameters such as angle of impact, velocity of impact, angular velocity of bullet and mass of the bullet have been investigated numerically using finite element method. To start with a configuration from literature has been taken from literature and numerically solved to establish a robust simulation technique. The simulation result agrees to reported result adequately. Subsequently, various configurations of flexible plates (Steel and Kevlar29) have been taken for analyses to estimate the penetration of the bullets (ak47 7.62x39 bullet, 7.62x25 bullet and hollow point bullet). Next, the influence of angle of impact has been examined by changing the angle of impact with angle variation (0o-60o) with speed 710 m/sand 500 r/s. Subsequently, the velocity of the bullets has been varied from 300-800 m/s keeping constant angular velocity 36000 rpmand normal impact. Next, the angular velocity of the bullets has been varied from 36000rpm -216000rpm, keeping constant linear velocity 500m/s and normal impact. In last, the density of the bullet materials has been varied from 4850 kg/m3 -9850 kg/m3. The simulations have been carried out for aforementioned configurations. The estimated penetration depths and analytical validation of kinetic energy for all configurations have been presented in the report in detail.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Angle of impact; Kevlar29; Ak47 7.62x39; Angular velocity; Hollow point; Steel plate
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