Design of renewable energy system control with MPPT

Yadav, Rohit (2018) Design of renewable energy system control with MPPT. MTech thesis.

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Now a day due to increased energy consumption and rise in crude oil price, use of solar energy becomes very important. Renewable energy sources are PV cell, fuel cell, biomass and wind energy system. Among the different energy sources people focusing on solar energy because of its availability in nature and also it is not harmful for environment. But the cost of PV is more because PV cell has low conversion efficiency. So it becomes important to harvest PV energy at higher efficiency.For design of a control system, an accurate model of the PV cell is essential because it is the basic element of PV array. To improve the efficiency of the PV system it is necessary to operate PV array at maximum power point. Hence tracking of maximum power point becomes very important. Behavi our of solar cell is nonlinear and changes with change in irradiation and temperature. To track the maximum power point of the PV system various methods are used.To monitor the variation in output of PV system a current sensor is designed. Current sensor output is used as control signal to develop hill climbing maximum power point tracking algorithm. The maximum power transfer from PV system to load is achieved by the impedance matching through capacitor value modulating and charge pump.A super capacitor is used to energy storing and enables more functions of the Internet of Things smart nodes.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:PV system; Charge pump; Current sensor; MPPT processing circuit; Capacitor value modulation; FSM .
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