Design of Self-Powered Accelerometer System by using Piezoelectric Energy harvester

Kumar, Shashiranjan (2018) Design of Self-Powered Accelerometer System by using Piezoelectric Energy harvester. MTech thesis.

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Piezoelectric energy scavengers find its potential in the field of renewable energy applications. This thesis provides aspects of energy harvesting from the environmental vibrations sources using piezoelectric transduction mechanism, which reduces the dependency on electrochemical battery operated power supply in the field of structural health monitoring and wireless sensor network. A self-powered Accelerometer system is designed as a dynamic system powered by its own excessive kinetic energy,renewable energy or a combination of both energy. The particular area of work is the concept of fully or partially self-powered dynamic systems requiring zero or reduced external energy inputs. The current work illustrates extraction of energy from vibrations at resonant frequency 23 Hz, which array of piezoelectric transduces gives peak to peak output voltage of 41.6V, and the arrangement delivers maximum power of 963. 60 μW. The frequency response of piezo energy source is also observed in order to operate at the resonant region. In this thesis, the accelerometer with an input of 3.88g is operated at the rated voltage and power with the energy harvested from ambient vibration source.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Energy harvester; Self-powered accelerometer; Piezoelectric; Frequency response
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