Anomaly Detection in Ethernet Networks Using Self Organising Maps

Mahapatra, Jyoti Ranjan and Mohanty, Jignyanshu (2009) Anomaly Detection in Ethernet Networks Using Self Organising Maps. BTech thesis.



The network is a highly vulnerable venture for any organization that needs to have a set of computers for their work and needs to communicate among them. Any large organization that sets up a network needs a basic Ethernet or wireless framework for transferring data. Nevertheless the security concern of the organization creeps in and the computers storing the highly sensitive data need to be safeguarded. The threat to the network comes from the internal network as well as the external network. The amount of monitoring data generated in computer networks is enormous. Tools are needed to ease the work of system operators. Anomaly detection attempts to recognize abnormal behavior to detect intrusions. We have concentrated to design a prototype UNIX Anomaly Detection System. Neural Networks are tolerant of imprecise data and uncertain information. We worked to devise a tool for detecting such intrusions into the network. The tool uses the machine learning approaches ad clustering techniques like Self Organizing Map and compares it with the k-means approach. Our system is described for applying hierarchical unsupervised neural network to intrusion detection system. The network connection is characterized by six parameters and specified as a six dimensional vectors. The self organizing map creates a two dimensional lattice of neurons for network for each network service. During real time analysis, network features are fed to the neural network approaches and a winner is selected by finding a neuron that is closest in distance to it. The network is then classified as an intrusion if the distance is more than a preset threshold. The evaluation of this approach will be based on data sets provided by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) IDS evaluation in 1999.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Self organising map,K-means,Network,Neurons
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