Experimental and Numerical Investigation on the Key Machinability Measures of Hastelloy C276 During Wire-EDM Operation

Padaseti, Bijaya Kumar (2018) Experimental and Numerical Investigation on the Key Machinability Measures of Hastelloy C276 During Wire-EDM Operation. MTech thesis.

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The WEDM is modern type electro discharge machining (EDM) generally used to produce very complex and intricate shape easily. Therefore, the present work is aimed to cryo-treatment followed by modelling and optimization of process parameters of WEDM during straight cut of Hastelloy C276. Hence, supperally by considering the input parameter as pulse on, pulse off, servo voltage and wire feed rate etc. The appropriate L27 orthogonal array design has implemented to find the best possible set of optimal setting in order to get the quality of machining during straight cut. Multi objective optimization as done to have responses of maximum MRR, minimum surface roughness (SR) and minimum kerf width (KW) measured by using MOORA based GRA method. The set of design data has taken and conducted the experiment by talking above input parameters considering three level of data to find the various responses such as MRR, SR and kerf width. The experiment has conducted for both cry-treated material as well as untreated one. The data has fitted for the ANOVA design in order to find the various curve fit among the combination of input parameter with responses. The ANSYS thermal model has done for the set of design data. However, the validation has done for experimental value of MRR and modelling value both for treated and untreated material. The extra hardness test has done in order to find the improvement of hardness after cryo-treatment specimens.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Cryo-treatment; MOORA; Grey relational theory; WEDM process; ANNOVA table; GRG, ANSYS structural modeling (ASM); ANSYS tempreutre and MRR modeling; FESEM; EDS and MOORA-GRA
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Mechanical Engineering > Production Engineering
Divisions: Engineering and Technology > Department of Mechanical Engineering
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