Forced Convection in Channels with Viscous Dissipation

Shukla, Anand (2009) Forced Convection in Channels with Viscous Dissipation. BTech thesis.



Due to the reducing size of electronic equipments; the heat fluxes in them are increasing rapidly. As a result of the increased heat fluxes thermal management becomes indispensible for its longevity and hence it is one of the important topics of current research. The dissipation of heat is necessary for its proper function. The heat is generated by the resistance encountered by electric current. Unless proper cooling arrangement is designed, the operating temperature exceeds permissible limit. As a consequence, chances of failure get increased hazards.

Different phenomena have been observed in various works indicating that the mechanisms of flow and heat transfer in microchannels are still not understood clearly. There is little experimental data and theoretical analysis in the literature to elucidate the mechanisms. It is reasonable to assume that, as the dimensions of flow channels approach the micro-level, viscous dissipation could be too significant to be neglected due to a high velocity gradient in the channel. Thus, deviations from predictions using conventional theory that neglects viscous dissipation could be expected.

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