Fingerprint Based Identity Authentication System over IoT

Singh, Jitendra (2018) Fingerprint Based Identity Authentication System over IoT. MTech thesis.

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This thesis is a study of fingerprint based security system and a proposal of architecture to enhance it’s property so as to increase the stability of such system. To improved safeguard of the core site, for example valuable material storage or the habitation to be visited by important personality, and for advancement of the efficiency of security system, here suggested an identity authentication scheme based on fingerprint biometric. Fingerprint of a person is a reliable biometric feature having abroad are a of application so that needs authentic identity. The uses of biometrics is substitute of PIN and password based authentication systems becomes more popular in day by day. Biometric systems execute an identity authentication by persons biological or behavioral characteristics. In many situations, person specific verification required like in access control system, attendance of class and financial transactions etc. an access control system prototype is demonstrated for person specific access, using a fingerprinting device. During enrolment process unique features extracted from fingerprints, processed and stored in a database. Uniqueness of fingerprint is decided by features that was extracted from fingerprint using the crossing number technique which is simply finding of the ridges ending and bifurcation. Author here proposed a system which allow entering or passing through the gate when fingerprint is matched and all entries will be displayed in webpage through internet connectivity, uploading data to server makes it better for monitoring to visitors, so it has great application prospect of internet of things (IoT).
IoT denotes to the structure of connected physical devices. Application of IoT is growing rapidly due to more and more devices & objects are getting concomitant to the Internet. it is an inexpensive security system. As all the data appears in webpage, all necessary actions are stepped by administrator. The security system usages a microcontroller known as Arduino Mega 2560to interface among the components, a fingerprint sensor, LCD to monitor the status, Servo motor SG90anda GSM module, SIM900tocommunicateto server using the Internet. The challenge of developing this security system is to make it user friendly which can reduce human effort as well as ensure authentic access. The fingerprint sensor analyzes the fingerprint of a person and matches it with stored database. The benefits of such a system include the ease of setting up, lower costs and low maintenance.

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