Estimation of Cyclic Period for Blind Cyclostationary Detection

Halder, Arjya (2018) Estimation of Cyclic Period for Blind Cyclostationary Detection. MTech thesis.

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There has been a scarcity in the spectrum utilized for certain applications due to tremendous growth of wireless technology while some spectrum remains idle. To overcome this problem and for the efficient utilization of the spectrum Cognitive Radio is the suitable solution. The detection of a signal is widely used in Cognitive Radio scenario and also in military intelligence. A Cognitive Radio cannot dependably play out its part without ensured signal detection. There are various spectrum detectors which are proposed for Cognitive Radio in last decade. Among these Cyclostationary detector is considered to be robust, but it is a semi blind technique. So in this work , extensive analysis of cyclostationary detector is done and an attempt is made to design a fully blind cyclostationary detector. The cyclic period is the most principal parameter of a cyclostationary signal; thus, estimation of the cyclic period ought to be viewed as the initial step at whatever point the cyclic period is required to be known from the earlier. A new blind cyclostationary detection method is proposed in this work where the cyclic priod is estimated using an information theoretic criterion. In the proposed technique Modified Minimum Description Length (MDL) algorithm is used. The proposed estimation technique is also further used to develop a blind cyclostationary detction technique.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Cyclostationary; Mean; Cyclic − period; Correlation; Estimation
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