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Bagaria, Vishesh (2012) Processing and study of different properties of
alumina product prepared by Slip Casting.
BTech thesis.

Behera, Susri Sangeeta (2012) Sol-gel synthesis of borosilicate vitrified bond for Diamond grinding wheel. BTech thesis.

Bilung, Ankita (2012) Synthesis and Characterization of Cordierite and Mullite composite. BTech thesis.

Bisoyi, Kavita (2012) Study of Zirconia-Mullite system: Effect of SrO addition with alumina content variation. BTech thesis.


Choudhary, Abhisek (2012) Synthesis and characterization of lithium silicate ceramic for the test blanket module (TBM) in fusion reactors. MTech by Research thesis.

Choudhuri, Sohan (2012) Bulk Synthesis of Graphene Nanosheets. BTech thesis.


Dhal, Amrit Abhishek (2012) Comparative study of properties of Barium Titanate synthesized by Solid State and Auto-combustion Method. BTech thesis.


Ekka, Philomina (2012) Effect of binders and plasticisers on alumina processing. BTech thesis.


Kantha, Shravan Kumar (2012) Study of the microstructure of dolomite doped alumina. BTech thesis.

Kiche rai, Sanjeev (2012) Preparation Of Calcium Aluminate-Spinel Synthetic Aggregates Using Electrostatic Precipitated Dolomite DustAnd Calcined Alumina. BTech thesis.

Kumari, Akanksha (2012) Synthesis of Bismuth Ferrite and La –doped Bismuth ferrite by auto combustion technique. BTech thesis.


Lenka, Abinash (2012) Effect of calcination temperature on kaolinite for mullitisation of kaolinite and alumina mixture. BTech thesis.


Mallik, Rahul Kumar (2012) Synthesis and magnetic properties of cobalt ferrite with different morphology. BTech thesis.

Meher, Ramu Ranjan (2012) Layered Double Hydroxide Nanocarrier for Controlled Delivery of Drug Molecules. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Ansuman (2012) Gelcasting Of Porous Alumina For Particulate Filtering. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Anupam (2012) Effect of different high alumina cements on the properties of self flow castable with distribution coefficient 0.21. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Anupam (2012) Effect of different high alumina cements on the properties of self flow castable with distribution coefficient 0.21. BTech thesis.

Murty, Hara Prasad (2012) Development of Porous Bioactive SiO2-Na2O-CaO-P2O5 Glass Ceramic Scaffold. BTech thesis.


Panda, Ashish Kumar (2012) Synthesis and Characterization of Calcium Phosphate-Alumina Composites. BTech thesis.

Patro, Alok (2012) Dielectric Properties of Low-Temperature Sintered
0.5Ba(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O3 – 0.5(Ba0.7Ca0.3)TiO3 Ceramics.
BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Prakash (2012) Effect of Mg and La substitution on Electromagnetic Properties of Ni-Cu-Zn Ferrite. BTech thesis.

Pujari, Prateek (2012) Electrical Properties of ZnO doped Yttria Stabilized Zirconia. BTech thesis.

Purab, Das (2012) Microwave assisted synthesis and characterization fo LSMO: Cobalt ferrite composites. BTech thesis.


Raut, Haraprasad (2012) Mullitization behaviour of alumina enriched clay inpresence of dopant fe2o3. BTech thesis.


Surabhi, Soumya (2012) Production of alumina based porous ceramics using naphthalene as the pore former. BTech thesis.


Tanty, Kunal Kumar (2012) Effect of morphology on densification study of nano – hydroxyapatite. BTech thesis.

Thakur, Udipta (2012) Effect of MxOy (M= Si, Ti, Ca, Mg) Dopants on Solid-State Sintering of Yttrium Aluminium Garnet. BTech thesis.

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