Data Acquisition System Using AT89c51 and PCL-207

Das, Dillip Kumar and Sheetal, Sandeep (2009) Data Acquisition System Using AT89c51 and PCL-207. BTech thesis.



A typical data acquisition system consists of individual sensors with necessary signalconditioning, data conversion, data processing, multiplexing, data handling and associated transmission, storage and display system.
In order to optimize the characteristics of a system in terms of performance, handling capacity and cost, the relevant subsystem can be combined together. Analog data is generally acquired and converted into the digital form for the purpose of processing, transmission and
Rapid advances in Personal Computer (PC) hardware and software technologies have resulted in easy and efficient adoption of PCs in various precise measurement and complex
control applications. A PC based measurement or control application requires conversion of real world analog signal into digital format and transfer of digitized data into the PC. A data acquisition system that performs conversion of analog signal to digital data and the digital data to analog signal is interfaced to a pc to implement the functions of a measurement and control
instrumentation applications.
In this project we have used the electromagnetic sensor to acquire the data of a magnetic disk angular velocity, which we have got in mili volts range. This has been further converted approximately into the range of 5 volt by using an instrumentation amplifier of suitable gain
(~20).We then converted the analog voltage into digital by using ADC 0808 and the processing part is done by using ATMEL89c51.In the second case we have used the data acquisition card PCL-207 to interface the amplified output to PC.

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