Manufacture of Oxygen by Linde Frankl's process

Singh, Saurabh (2009) Manufacture of Oxygen by Linde Frankl's process. BTech thesis.

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Liquefaction of air and subsequent rectification of the liquid air is the basis of the Linde- frankl’s processon which this project is based . Prof.Linde is credited today with the first man producing liquid oxygen on a commercial scale. This thesis report is a design of an oxygen plant of capacity 205 tonnes /day, along with oxygen this plant also produces nitrogen of very high purity . In it a complete design of a distiallation column and a 1-2 shell and tube condenser has been done.
The Linde –Frankl’s process is the most important process for the commercial production of oxygen in this process in which the air stream is divided in two , one is cooled by J-T effect and the other by incoming pure nitrogen which is the most striking thing about this process and which makes it more economical .
Results have been obtained with mechanical calculation and then verified by chemical enggineering software chemsep ,kamlex and chem office. Fianlly a safety and preventions have been delat with along with breif overview of plant layout and locations of the plant.

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