Production of Value-Added Chemicals from Glycerol (A by-product of Biodiesel Industry)

Behera, Kuldeep (2009) Production of Value-Added Chemicals from Glycerol (A by-product of Biodiesel Industry). BTech thesis.

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This experimental work describes the acetylation of glycerol with acetic acid using five different solid catalysts. The kinetics of the reaction are being determined from the production of monoacetyl glycerol (MAG), diacetyl glycerol (DAG) and triacetyl glycerol (TAG) using non-linear least squre method (4th order Runga- Kutta). Then using the model equation both experimental and model data are compared which show that Amberlyst-15 is our best catalyst showing maximum conversion of product especially formation of DAG and TAG. Followed by Amberlyst-15 only K-10 Clay catalyst gave TAG as a product, in all other catalysts the reaction is inhibited after the production of MAG or DAG. The selection varies for each of the catalyst. Then sensitive study for Amberlyst is carried out varying the time and concentration ratio (initial no. of moles of acetic acid to glycerol reacted) and it has been seen that with increasing time and concentration ratio selectivity goes on varying for all products.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Glycerol, etherification, esterification, Transesterification, Catalyst, Biodiesel, Kinetics, Modeling
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