S Transform: Time Frequency Analysis & Filtering

George, Nithin V (2009) S Transform: Time Frequency Analysis & Filtering. MTech thesis.



The S transform, a hybrid of the Short Time Fourier Transform and Wavelet transform, has a time frequency resolution which is far from ideal. This thesis proposes a modified S transform, which offers better time frequency resolution compared to the original S transform. The improvement is achieved through the introduction of a new scaling rule for the Gaussian window used in S transform. The S transform analysis of financial time series revealed the presence of business cycles, which could help forecasting economic booms and recessions. A noisy time series, with both signal and noise varying in frequency and in time, presents special challenges for improving the signal to noise ratio. The modified S-transform time-frequency representation is used to filter a synthetic time series in a two step filtering process. The filter method appears robust within a wide range of background noise levels. The new filtering approach developed was successfully applied for the identification of Post Glacial rebound in Eastern Canada.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:S Transform, Time Frequency Analysis, Time Frequency Filtering, Business Cycles, Geophysics
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Electronics and Communication Engineering > Signal Processing
Divisions: Engineering and Technology > Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering
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Deposited By:Nithin George
Deposited On:25 May 2009 10:09
Last Modified:25 May 2009 10:09
Supervisor(s):Panda, G

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