Two dimensional analysis of frame structures under arbitrary loading

Prusty, Sharbanee and Agrawal, Niraj Kumar (2011) Two dimensional analysis of frame structures under arbitrary loading. BTech thesis.



In this modern era all the high rise buildings are designed as multi story and multi-bay frame structures. When such structures are subjected to various loads or displacements they behave both statically and dynamically. When the loads act slowly the inertia forces are neglected so only static load analysis is justified but when the load act very fast dynamic analysis is also considered.
This project deals with two dimensional analysis of plane frame under arbitrary ground motions and load conditions. Finite Element method has been used for numerical analysis. Static and dynamic response of the plane frame element was obtained by writing a code in matlab. A study of variation static properties and dynamic properties with different numbers of storeys and bays in the frame element has been done. The effect of dampers in reducing the displacement under forced vibration has been studied. The numerical analysis has been experimentally verified by determination of natural frequency of plane frame model using FFT analyzer.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:finite element, plane frame, dynamic analysis,mode shape
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Civil Engineering > Structural Engineering
Divisions: Engineering and Technology > Department of Civil Engineering
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Deposited On:13 May 2011 09:43
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Supervisor(s):Biswal, K C

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