Offline Signature Verification Scheme

Mishra, Prabit Kumar and Sahoo, Mukti Ranjan (2009) Offline Signature Verification Scheme. BTech thesis.



Offline signature verification schemes are necessary to determine the authenticity and genuineness of a variety of things which require certification using signatures. Most offline verification schemes till date have required perfect alignment of the signature to the specified axes. However there are situations when the sample to be verified may not be aligned to the required axis. In that situation the current verification schemes could reject the signature even though it may be genuine. The suggested scheme aims to make the verification of signatures size and angle invariant. The invariance can be achieved by scaling and rotational manipulations on the target image. The shape of a person’s signature remains similar in all translational, scaled and rotational alignments of the sign. That is the number of crests, toughs and curves remains the same irrespective of the size and orientation of the image. The ratio between consecutive crests and troughs there by remain the same and hence can be used to determine the genuineness of a signature.
The proposed scheme also proposes a novel way to store the information extracted from the image after processing. The ratios obtained for verification can be stored in a linear array, which required much less space as compared to the previously followed schemes. The success of the proposed scheme can be determined from the appreciable FARs and FAAs.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Offline Signature,Crest,Trough,Thinning,Dilation
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Deposited On:12 May 2009 10:00
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