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Agrawal, Priyanka and Samal, Tripti (2013) Heel-Strike Detection for Angle Invariant Gait Pattern Recognition. BTech thesis.

Chhabada, Sandeep Singh (2012) Heuristics for license plate localization and hardware implementation of Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) system. BTech thesis.

Choudhury, Suman Kumar (2013) Image Deblurring in Presence of Gaussian and Impulsive Noise. MTech thesis.

Devi, Kshetrimayum Jenita (2013) A Secure Image Steganography Using LSB Technique and Random Pseudo Random Encoding Technique. BTech thesis.

Ismail, Shaikh Mohammed (2013) Named-Entity Recognition in Business Card Images. BTech thesis.

Padhy, Sarmila (2013) Development of Noise Suppression Schemes in Images. MTech thesis.

Pathak, Apurva (2013) Recognition using SIFT and its Variants on Improved Segmented Iris. BTech thesis.

Singh , Rajat and Meena, Devendra Singh (2013) Study of image denoising using curvelet transform. BTech thesis.

Sinha, Abhishek (2013) GPU Accelerated Parallel Iris Localization. MTech thesis.


., Anshuman and Jaiswal, Gaurav and Rai, Ankit (2007) Image compression using discrete cosine transform and wavelet transform and performance comparison. BTech thesis.

., Praneta (2018) Development of cyber–crime detection software for Re–compression based Multimedia Forensics. MTech thesis.


A, Yuvaraj and Balan, Raju (2010) Bleed-Through Removal in Document Images. BTech thesis.

Agarwal, Hitesh and Panda, Sapan Kumar and Behera, Jayachandra (2007) Improved digital watermarking schemes using DCT and neural techniques. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Mayank (2013) Development of Image Super-resolution Algorithms. MTech thesis.

Agrawa], Sourav Kumar (2014) High security image encryption by 3stage process. BTech thesis.

Ahmad, Shahzad (2018) Monocular Vision Aided Drone Localization in Indoor Corridor. MTech thesis.

Aknan, Mohammad (2014) Iris localization using parallel computing. MTech thesis.


Bakas, Jamimamul (2022) Compressed Multimedia Forgery Detection through Blind Digital Forensics. PhD thesis.

Bakshi, Sambit (2011) Development of Robust Iris Localization and Impairment Pruning Schemes. MTech thesis.

Bansal, Manish (2013) Feature Detection using S-Transform. BTech thesis.

Behera, Priyaranjan (2012) Odia Offline Character Recognition. BTech thesis.

Besra, Bhagyashree (2017) Enhancement of Feature Extraction with a Robust Matching for Vascular Identification. MTech thesis.

Bhan, Vijay (2018) Identification of Psoriasis Disease In Dermatology Using Machine Learning Technique. MTech thesis.

Bhatt, Vivek and Samantara, Ankur and Singh , Kamaljeet (2011) Event Control through Motion Detection. BTech thesis.

Bhattacharya, Ranita (2016) Study of Color Image Denoising Filters. MTech thesis.

Bhawna , Gauatm (2010) Image compression using discrete cosine transform and discrete wavelet transform. BTech thesis.

Bhoi, Khagswar and Solanki, Dipesh Kumar (2011) Texture Segmentation Using Optimal Gabor Filter. BTech thesis.

Bhubaneswari, M (2015) Optimized Histogram Equalization for Image Enhancement. BTech thesis.

Biswal, A (2014) Object detection in surveillance videos. MTech thesis.

Biswal, Shruti (2014) Extraction of Face Features Using Various Techniques. BTech thesis.

Biswal, Sushri Sangita (2015) Image Tagging Using Visual Approach. BTech thesis.


Chakraborty, Hillol (2015) Scene Identification Using Discriminitive Pattern. BTech thesis.

Chakraborty, Jayeeta (2022) Quantitative Analysis of Gait Disorder using Machine Learning Techniques. PhD thesis.

Chaudhari, Vijay (2018) Trust-Based access control in Cloud Computing using machine learning. MTech thesis.

Chauhan, Korra Abhishek (2016) Region of Interest Generation for Pedestrian Detection using Stereo Vision. MTech thesis.

Chauhan , Mahendra Singh and Nath, Deepjyoti (2007) Offline signature verification scheme using feature extraction method. BTech thesis.

Chhotaray, Sukant Kumar (2015) Asymmetric Image Encryption based on Cipher Matrices. PhD thesis.

Chhotray, Anuvab (2015) Automatic Image Annotation using 2D MHMM. BTech thesis.

Chitwan, Chanchal (2012) Automatic Cast Shadow Detection. BTech thesis.

Choudhary, Akash (2014) Hand-written English numeral recognition system using neural network. BTech thesis.

Choudhury, Suman Kumar (2017) Pedestrian Detection Surveillance Videos using Background Modeling and Feature Engineering. PhD thesis.


D'Souza, Aaron and Dalal, Saprem (2011) Automatic License plate Recognition System. BTech thesis.

Dafale, Ninad N. (2017) Source Anonymization Through Counter Forensics. MTech thesis.

Dalai, Radhamadhab (2008) A low power selective median filter design. MTech thesis.

Dandu, Sai Chandra Sekhar (2016) Document Image Binarization Using Adaptive Image Contrast for Degraded Documents. MTech thesis.

Das, A and Biswal, A (2010) Development of Coding Schemes for Video. BTech thesis.

Das, Animesh (2012) Recognition of Human Iris Patterns. BTech thesis.

Das, Banee Bandana (2023) Biometric System for Person Identification: Exploring Unimodal and Multimodal Techniques. PhD thesis.

Das, Dibyasundar (2021) Learning Centric Feature Extraction and Classification Models for OCR. PhD thesis.

Das, Swastik and Sethy, Rasmi Ranjan (2009) Image Compression using Discrete Cosine Transform & Discrete Wavelet Transform. BTech thesis.

Dash, Ratnakar (2012) Parameters Estimation For Image Restoration. PhD thesis.

Dash, Sanjit (2015) Object Height Estimation. BTech thesis.

Datta, Aloke (2009) Removal of Random Valued Impulsive Noise. MTech thesis.

Deepak, Botta Durga (2015) Automatic Recognition of Real Time Chess Game Using Image Processing Techniques. BTech thesis.

Dwivedi, Ashish Kumar (2019) Formalization and Detection of Software
Design Patterns.
PhD thesis.


Grover, S and Srivastava, U (2010) Improvements in Blind Image Restoration. BTech thesis.

Gumpalli, Sai Prasanth and Kandipalli, Prasanth (2014) Image Segmentation and Multiple skew estimation, correction in printed and handwritten documents. BTech thesis.

Gupta, R K (2014) Multiscale LMMSE based statistical estimation for image denoising. MTech thesis.

Gupta, R K (2014) Object detection and tracking in video image. MTech thesis.

Gupta, Vaibhav (2015) Image Source Identification Using Machine Learning Techniques. BTech thesis.

Guru, Omkar and K, Krithika and Majumdar, Sanjay (2007) Implementation of cryptographic algorithms and protocols. BTech thesis.


Hati, Kalyan Kumar (2013) An Approach for Object Tracking in Video Sequences. MTech by Research thesis.


Jagtap, Mahesh (2014) Interactive image segmentation. MTech thesis.

Jena, Biswajit (2014) High payload digital image steganography using mixed edge detection mechanism. MTech thesis.

Jena, Diganta (2015) Text to Speech Conversion for Odia Language. BTech thesis.


Kar, Nikunja Bihari (2020) Development of Facial Expression Recognition System Using Machine Learning Techniques. PhD thesis.

Kaushal, Priyanka (2010) An approach towards iris localization for non cooperative images: A study. BTech thesis.

Kavya, Pendyala (2015) Obstacle Detection of a Mobile Robot. BTech thesis.

Kolluri, Rajesh (2022) Design of Fluidic-Level Synthesis and Error Recovery Algorithms for Digital Microfluidic Biochips. PhD thesis.

Kotha, Dileep Kumar (2012) Matching Forensic Sketches to Mug Shot Photos using Speeded Up Robust Features. BTech thesis.

Krishna, Vanga Tulasi (2015) Depth Measurement and 3D Reconstruction of the Scene from Multiple Image Sequence. MTech thesis.

Kumar, A Kiran and Pratheek, G Ram (2014) Depth and Zoom Estimation for PTZ Camera Using Stereo Vision. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Akshay (2015) Side Information Generation in Distributed Video Coding. MTech thesis.

Kumar, Ankush (2013) Development of Novel Feature For Iris Biometrics. MTech thesis.

Kumar, Gautam (2022) Novel Periocular Recognition under Non-cooperative Scenarios. PhD thesis.

Kumar, Nitin (2018) Heart Disease Detection using Machine Learning Techniques. MTech thesis.

Kumar, Pankaj (2014) Image Enhancement Using Histogram Equalization and Histogram Specification on Different Color Spaces. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Ravi (2014) Comparative analysis of hashing schemes for Iris identification using local features. MTech by Research thesis.

Kumar, Ravi Ranjan (2016) Improved Sparse Representation Based Super-Resolution. MTech thesis.

Kurani, Kritika (2014) GPU accelerated parallel Iris segmentation. BTech thesis.


Madan, Deepak and Srivastava, Harsh (2011) Finding faces for Gender classification using BPNN AND PCA based recognition. BTech thesis.

Mahapatra, Ansuman (2018) Framework and Algorithms for Multi-view Video Synopsis. PhD thesis.

Mahapatra, R K (2014) A study on face detection in images. BTech thesis.

Mahapatra, S (2014) Auto-focus algorithm based on maximum gradient and threshold. BTech thesis.

Maharana, Ashutosh (2016) Application of Digital Fingerprinting: Duplicate Image Detection. MTech thesis.

Maji, Sukumar (2015) Image Skew Detection and Correction in Regular Images and Document Images. BTech thesis.

Malviya, Pankaj (2015) Digital Forensic Technique for Multiple Compression based JPEG Forgery. MTech thesis.

Mandal, Manabesh and Behera, Kedar Sankar (2012) Analysis of color histogram based similarity search and retrieval strategy of videos in Video on Demand systems. BTech thesis.

Mehrotra, Hunny (2010) Iris Identification using Keypoint Descriptors and Geometric Hashing. MTech by Research thesis.

Mihir, Kandepu Abhignana and Kumar, Konduru Vinay (2015) 3D Image Reconstruction Using Multiple Images. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Deepasikha (2020) Development of Learning-Based Techniques for Single-Image Super-Resolution. PhD thesis.

Mishra, M M K (2014) Optical character recognition of printed Odia documents. BTech thesis.

Mishra, P and Chatterjee, R and Mahapatra, V (2010) Texture Segmentation Using Gabor Filters and Wavelets. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Prabit Kumar and Sahoo, Mukti Ranjan (2009) Offline Signature Verification Scheme. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Raman (2015) Mobile Robot Path Planning in Static Environment. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Rishabh and Trivedi, Prashant (2011) Student Attendance System Based on Fingerprint Recognition and One to Many Matching. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Tusar Kanti (2015) Development of Features for Recognition of Handwritten Odia Characters. PhD thesis.

Mittal, Shivam (2013) Object Tracking Using Adaptive Frame Differecing and Dynmaic Template Matching Method. BTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Ramesh Kumar (2016) Handwritten Character Recognition of a Vernacular Language: The Odia Script. PhD thesis.

Mohapatra, Subrajeet (2008) Development of Impulsive Noise Detection Schemes
for Selective Filtering in Images.
MTech by Research thesis.

Muduli, Debendra (2022) On the Development of Improved Mammogram Detection System using Machine Learning Approaches. PhD thesis.

Muduli, Debendra (2016) Wavelet Based Robust Watermarking Scheme. MTech thesis.

Murmu, A K (2014) Adpative image interpolation. MTech thesis.


N, Krishna (2007) A study of eigenvector based face verification in static images. MTech thesis.

Namburu, Praveen (2007) A study on fingerprint image enhancement and minutiae extraction techniques. MTech thesis.

Nanda, Aparajita (2017) Towards Mitigating Visual Ambiguity in Person Re-Identification. PhD thesis.


Panda, Anukul Chandra (2011) Parallel algorithms for iris biometrics. MTech by Research thesis.

Panigrahi, Niranjan (2016) Consensus-based Time Synchronization Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks with Topological Optimization Strategies for Performance Improvement. PhD thesis.

Panigrahy, Vivekananda (2012) Lossless Image Compression and Secure Storage of Medical Images. BTech thesis.

Pareek, H (2014) Satellite image segmentation using RVM and Fuzzy clustering. MTech thesis.

Parida, Satyabrata (2014) Denoising Of Satellite Images. BTech thesis.

Patra, Tapas Kumar (2018) A DCT and SVM based Odia Handwritten Character Recognition. MTech thesis.

Paul, Abhisek and Chayani, Satyabrata (2011) Speech Recognition in Hindi. BTech thesis.

Pawan, Prateek and Pandey, Kushagra (2012) Human Facial Detection System. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Lalit Mohan (2015) Gesture Based Character Recognition. MTech thesis.

Prakash, Shree (2014) Gesture-based Numeral Extraction and Recognition
Shree Prakash.
MTech by Research thesis.

Prasad, Vijendra (2016) Automated Brain Abnormality Detection through MR Images. MTech thesis.

Praveen, N (2009) Real Time Pattern Recognition using Matrox Imaging System. MTech thesis.

Priyadarshini, Sonali (2015) Novel Method for Face Recognition. BTech thesis.

Prusty, Simadri Jagannath and Dash, Rosen (2009) Study of Image Segmentation Schemes and Their Applications to Microscopic Images. BTech thesis.

Purniya, Deepankar and Pradhan, Gigyanshu and Nayak, Amit (2012) Robotic navigation in the presence of static and dynamic obstacles. BTech thesis.


Raj, Rohit (2016) Dental Biometrics: Human Identification Using Dental Radiograph. MTech thesis.

Ranjan, Sameer (2015) Hyperspectral Image Classification Using K-means Clustering. BTech thesis.

Rao, T G Vikram (2014) Fingerprint Authentication System. BTech thesis.

Ray, Ray (2013) Swarm Optmization Algorithms for Face Recognition. BTech thesis.

Rohit, P K (2010) Investigation of Some Image and Video Coding Techniques. BTech thesis.

Rout, Rupesh Kumar (2013) A survey on object detection and tracking algorithms. MTech thesis.

Roy, Pinkar (2018) Optical Music Recognition. MTech thesis.

Roy, Susnata (2014) Mammographic lesion classification using discrete orthonormal s-transform. BTech thesis.

Rup, Suvendu (2013) Intra-Key-Frame Coding and Side Information Generation Schemes in Distributed Video Coding. PhD thesis.


S, Sugumaran (2017) Source Camera Identification in Multimedia Forensics. MTech thesis.

Sa, Pankaj Kumar (2006) On the Development of Impulsive Noise Removal Schemes. MTech by Research thesis.

Sa, Pankaj Kumar (2010) Restoration Algorithms for Blurred and Noisy Images. PhD thesis.

Sahoo, Puneet (2014) Gesture based PTZ camera control. BTech thesis.

Sahu, Pritish (2011) Study of Approaches to Remove Show-Through and
Bleed-Through in Document Images.
BTech thesis.

Sahu, Pushpanjali (2007) Deblurring of images using blind schemes. MTech thesis.

Sahu, Santosh Kumar (2022) Analysis of Intrusion Data using Scalable Machine Learning Techniques. PhD thesis.

Sahu, Tithy (2012) Indexing Iris Database Using Multi-Dimensional R-Trees. BTech thesis.

Sainath, Chaluvadi Venkata (2014) Face Detection using Color based method with lighting compensation scheme. BTech thesis.

Samantaray, Shila (2011) A DoG based Approach for Fingerprint Image Enhancement. MTech thesis.

Sanamandra, Vamsi (2012) Image segmentation based on graph cut(pixel based) technique. BTech thesis.

Sangram, Sangle Priya (2018) Detection of Optic Disc Boundary in Fundus Image of Eye. MTech thesis.

Sangram, Sangle Priya (2018) Detection of Optic Disc Boundary in Fundus Image of Eye. MTech thesis.

Sanyal, Banhi (2022) On the Development of Indian TSR Systems using Machine Learning Techniques. PhD thesis.

Saraf, Utsav and Gupta, Sandeep Kumar (2007) Buffer overflow attacks & countermeasures. BTech thesis.

Sarkar, Anirban (2016) Image Source Identification: A Digital Forensic Approach. MTech thesis.

Sarthi, Vijay Kumar (2014) Face Recognition and Gender Classification using Principal Component Analysis. MTech thesis.

Saxena, Ankit and Jeevagan, Shakthi Yokesh (2012) Segmentation of Fingerprint Impressions and Signatures. BTech thesis.

Seth, Soumyashree (2015) An Image Processing Algorithm for Vehicle Detection and Tracking. MTech thesis.

Sethi, R K (2014) Use of adaptive methods to improve degraded document images. BTech thesis.

Sethi, Sachin Kumar (2013) Study of Segmentation Techniques for Medical Images. BTech thesis.

Shandilya, Meenal (2015) Detection of Geometric Transformations in Copy-Move Forgery of Digital Images. MTech thesis.

Sharda, Varun and Kishan, Avinash C (2009) Skew Detection and Correction in Scanned Document Images. BTech thesis.

Sharma, Ravi Karan and Nibariya, Rohit (2009) Study Of Gaussian & Impulsive Noise Suppression Schemes In Images. BTech thesis.

Shasani, Smruti Saurav and Meher, Ramiya Ranjan and Patra, Manoj Kumar (2015) Color and Shape Recognition. BTech thesis.

Shukla, Deepak (2016) Collusion Resistive Framework for Multimedia Security. MTech thesis.

Singh, Abhishek and Kumar, Saurabh (2012) Face Recognition using PCA and Eigen face approach. BTech thesis.

Singh, Himanshu (2013) A Survey of Image Denoising Algorithms. BTech thesis.

Singh, Keshav and Amatya, Rohit Man (2011) Virtual tour. BTech thesis.

Singh, Rahul (2012) Vehicle Model Identification. BTech thesis.

Singh, Shyam Kishor (2017) Brain Tumor Detection and Segmentaion in MR Images Using Kernel SVM. MTech thesis.

Sonker, Ved Prakash and Behera, Mahendra (2012) Biometric Face Recognition System using SURF Based Approach. BTech thesis.

Swain, Rakesh Ranjan (2019) Design and Evaluation of Composite Fault Diagnosis Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks. PhD thesis.

Swain, Satyabrata (2014) Level 3 Feature Based Fingerprint Identification. MTech by Research thesis.


Tariang, Diangarti Bhalang (2016) Re-compression Based JPEG Forgery Detection and Localization with Optimal Reconstruction. MTech thesis.

Thorat, Ninad (2018) Human Activity Recognition Using Deep Learning. MTech thesis.

Tripathi, Bhishm (2014) A Survey on various image compression techniques. BTech thesis.

Tripathy, Siddhartha (2015) Intelligent Robotic Navigation. BTech thesis.


Usha, M Naga (2017) Multiple Objects Tracking in Surveillance System Using Big Data Analytics. MTech thesis.


Venkata Udaya Sameer, B (2020) Mitigating Challenges in Image Source Attribution through Digital Forensics. PhD thesis.

Vijayakumar, Greeshma (2018) Speech Recognition System for Malayalam Language. MTech thesis.

Vipul, Makvana (2014) Detecting moving objects in video frames. MTech thesis.


Wadhwa, Jatin and Ahemad, Talib (2015) Detection of Region Duplication in Digital Images:A Digital Forensic Approach. BTech thesis.


Xavier, Tony (2007) Development of image restoration techniques. MTech thesis.


Yadav, Awadhesh Kumar (2015) Tamper Localization Approach for Reversible Watermarking Algorithm Based on Histogram Bin Shifting. MTech thesis.

Yadav, Govind (2016) Feature Extraction and Feature Selection Techniques for Face Recognition. MTech thesis.

Yeole, Shashank (2018) Fingerprint Recognition System Using Method of Sectoralization. MTech thesis.

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