A survey on object detection and tracking algorithms

Rout, Rupesh Kumar (2013) A survey on object detection and tracking algorithms. MTech thesis.



Object detection and tracking are important and challenging task in many computer vision applications such as surveillance, vehicle navigation and autonomous robot navigation. Video surveillance in dynamic environment, especially for humans and vehicles, is one of the current challenging research topics in computer vision. It is a key technology to fight against terrorism, crime, public safety and for efficient management of traffic. The work involves designing of efficient video surveillance system in complex environments. In video surveillance, detection of moving objects from a video is important for object detection, target tracking, and behaviour understanding. Detection of moving objects in video streams is the first relevant step of information and background subtraction is a very popular approach for foreground segmentation. In this thesis, we have simulated different background subtraction methods to overcome the problem of illumination variation, background clutter and shadows. Detecting and tracking of human body parts is important in understanding human activities. Intelligent and automated security surveillance systems have become an active research area in recent time due to an increasing demand for such systems in public areas such as airports, underground stations and mass events. In this context, tracking of stationary foreground regions is one of the most critical requirements for surveillance systems based on the tracking of abandoned or stolen objects or parked vehicles.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Object detection, Frame difference, Background subtraction, Gaussian mixture,Background modelling, Tracking, Block matching method, Kalman filter.
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