An Image Processing Algorithm for Vehicle Detection and Tracking

Seth, Soumyashree (2015) An Image Processing Algorithm for Vehicle Detection and Tracking. MTech thesis.



Object detection ,tracking and its velocity estimation play important roles in trac surveillance system.It's an arising and On-Demand technique in the eld of image processing . Real time object track is vital job in many computer vision practical application.Two major components can be distinguished in a typical visual tracker.The picture determination of the feature accessible from most movement camera framework is low. As a rule for following multi item, recognizing them from another isn't simple due to their comparability. In this paper we depict a system, for tracking various items, where the articles are vehicles. The quantity of vehicles is obscure and diers from frame to frame. We identify all moving objects, and for tracking of vehicle we utilize the kalman lter and shading highlight and separation of it from one casing to the following. So the system can recognize and follow all vehicles exclusively. The proposed method can be utilized in numerous moving items. The proposed algorithm uses kalman lter to estimate objects' location,shape and size in a small range and to gain trajectory a of the object. To make visible moving object prominently it is required to remove the noise in the image which is done by morphological operations.Objects are tracked by feature matching in image sequence.Matched objects are numbered same .Then number of objects crossing through a particular line in the image are counted. Finally to gure out rush in trac area velocity is estimated by averaging the speed of vehicles present in a frame. If average velocity accedes a threshold value,that means heavy trac is there. Through out the process CCTV camera is considered stationary.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Object detection,object tracking,morphological operations, vehicle counting
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