Dental Biometrics: Human Identification Using Dental Radiograph

Raj, Rohit (2016) Dental Biometrics: Human Identification Using Dental Radiograph. MTech thesis.



Biometric is the science and innovation of measuring and analyzing biological information.In information technology, biometric refers to advancements that measures and analyzes human body attributes,for example,DNA, eye retinas, fingerprints and irises,face pattern,voice patterns,and hand geometry estimations,for identification purposes.The primary motivation behind scientific dentistry is to distinguish expired people,for whom different method for recognizable proof(e.g.,unique finger impression,face,and so on.)are not accessible.Dental elements survives most of the PM events which may disrupt or change other body tissues,e.g. casualties of motor vehicles mishaps,fierce violations,and work place accident,whose bodies could be deformed to such a degree,that identification even by a family member is neither desirable nor reliable.Dental Biometric utilises dental radiographs to distinguish casualties.The radiographs procured after the casualty's demise are called post-mortem radiograph and the radiograph obtained when the casualty was alive is called ante-mortem radiograph.The objective of dental biometric is to match the unidentified individual's post-mortem radiograph against a database of labelled antemortem radiograph.This thesis proposes a novel method for the contour extraction from dental radiographs.The proposed algorithm of Active Contour Model or the Snake model is used for this purpose. A correctly detected contour is essential for proper feature extraction.This thesis only works on the contour detection.The method has been tested on some radiographs images and is found to produce desired output.However,the input radiograph image may be of low quality,may suffer a clear separation between two adjacent teeth.In that case the method will not be able to produce a satisfactory result.There is a need of pre-processing(e.g. contrast enhancement) before the active contour detection model can be applied

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Dental Radiographs; Contour-Extraction; Ante-mortem; Post-mortem radiographs; Active Contour Model
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Engineering and Technology > Computer and Information Science > Information Security
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