Task Allocation Strategies in Multi-Robot Environment

Choudhury, Bibhuti Bhusan (2009) Task Allocation Strategies in Multi-Robot Environment. PhD thesis.



Multirobot systems (MRS) hold the promise of improved performance and increased fault tolerance for large-scale problems. A robot team can accomplish a given task more quickly than a single agent by executing them concurrently. A team can also make effective use of specialists designed for a single purpose rather than requiring that a single robot be a generalist. Multirobot coordination, however, is a complex problem. An empirical study is described in the thesis that sought general guidelines for task allocation strategies. Different strategies are identified, and demonstrated in the multi-robot environment.Robot selection is one of the critical issues in the design of robotic workcells. Robot selection for an application is generally done based on experience, intuition and at most using the kinematic considerations like workspace, manipulability, etc. This problem has become more difficult in recent years due to increasing complexity, available features, and facilities offered by different robotic products. A systematic procedure is developed for selection of robot manipulators based on their different pertinent attributes. The robot selection procedure allows rapid convergence from a very large number of candidate robots to a manageable shortlist of potentially suitable robots. Subsequently, the selection procedure proceeds to rank the alternatives in the shortlist by employing different attributes based specification methods. This is an attempt to create exhaustive procedure by identifying maximum possible number of attributes for robot manipulators.Availability of large number of robot configurations has made the robot workcell designers think over the issue of selecting the most suitable one for a given set of operations. The process of selection of the appropriate kind of robot must consider the various attributes of the robot manipulator in conjunction with the requirement of the various operations for accomplishing the task. The present work is an attempt to develop a systematic procedure for selection of robot based on an integrated model encompassing the manipulator attributes and manipulator requirements.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Multirobot Systems (MRS),Multirobot Task Allocation (MRTA), Greedy Heuristics, Linear Programming,Mixed Integer Linear Programming, Knapsack Algorithm, Hungarian Algorithm and Particle swarm optimization.
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