Master Hand Technology For The HMI Using Hand Gesture And Colour Detection

Mishra, Asutosh and Nanda, Alok (2012) Master Hand Technology For The HMI Using Hand Gesture And Colour Detection. BTech thesis.



Master Hand Technology uses different hand gestures and colors to give various commands for the Human-Machine(here Computer) Interfacing. Gestures recognition deals with the goal of interpreting human gestures via mathematical algorithm. Gestures made by users with the help of a color band and/or body pose , in two or three dimensions , get translated by software/image processing into predefined commands .The computer then acts according to the command. There have been a lot work already developed in this field either by extracting hand gesture only or extracting hand with the help of color segmentation. In this project, both hand gesture extraction and color detection used for better, faster, robust, accurate and real-time applications. Red, Green, Blue colors are most efficiently detected if RGB color space used. Using HSV color space, it can be extended to any no of colors. For hand gesture detection, the default background is captured and stored for further processing. Comparing the new captured image with background image and doing necessary extraction and filtering, hand portion can be extracted. Then applying different mathematical algorithms different hand gestures detected. All this work done using MATLAB software. By interfacing a portion of Master hand or/and color to mouse of a Computer, the computer can be controlled same as the mouse. And then many virtual (Augmented reality) or PC based application can be developed (e.g. Calculator, Paint). It does not matter whether the system is within your reach or not; but a camera that is linked with the system must have to be near-by . Showing different gestures by your Master-Hand , the computer can be controlled remotely. If the camera can be set-up online, then the computer can be controlled even from a very far place online.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Master Hand, HMI, Hand gestures, HCI, Matlab, color detection
Subjects:Engineering and Technology > Electronics and Communication Engineering > Image Processing
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Deposited On:21 May 2012 16:20
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Supervisor(s):Pati, U C

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