Characterization of bio-oil and biodiesel blends

Varma, Penumatsa Lokesh (2012) Characterization of bio-oil and biodiesel blends. BTech thesis.



Raising oil prices, depletion of oil reserves and imports burden of petroleum products on developing countries like India, makes the world look for alternatives. Extensive research has been going on alternative fuels like biodiesel, bio-alcohol and other biomass sources. Pyrolysis oil from wood is considered as an alternative fuel for diesel engine. However it cannot be used directly in a diesel engine due to high viscosity, low calorific value and corrosion of components. In order to mitigate these problems it has to blended with diesel or biodiesel. In the present study, bio-oil from waste package wood is extracted by fixed bed or vacuum pyrolysis process. It is blended with jatropha biodiesel with 2% mixed surfactant of Triton x100 and Span 80. The performance, emission and combustion characteristics of emulsions are analyzed and compared with diesel and biodiesel.
It was observed from results that the brake thermal efficiency for JOE 15 is 2% more than diesel and for JOE5 it is 6% less than diesel. At full load specific energy consumption decreases as WPO concentration increases. The HC and CO emissions of JME and emulsions are lower than that of diesel. The NO emissions compared to diesel increases by 8.29%, 5.5% for JOE5, JOE10 and decreases by 1.3% for JOE15. NO emission decreases with increase in WPO concentration.

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