Dynamic analysis of laminated composite plates with holes

SanthoshPushpaRaj, D (2012) Dynamic analysis of laminated composite plates with holes. MTech thesis.



Fiber reinforced composites are finding increasing applications in the aerospace, marine, transportation, electrical, chemical, construction and consumer goods industries. In some of these applications the composites are subjected to dynamic loads. The composite structures may sometimes be provided with different types of holes for the purpose of assembling the components and units inside the structure, for passing the cables and control mechanisms, for inspection, maintenance and attachment to other units.
The effects of the variations of behaviour for different shape of holes by maintaining same length/height ratio and hole area ratio are studied.
Scope of this project is to find out the best location of the holes. The ANSYS software is used for analyzing the plates under different boundary conditions and different orientation of laminate. Eight-noded Shell99 is used throughout the analysis which is a linear element. Two different boundary conditions are considered those are CFFF-(clamped free free free) and CFCF-(clamped free clamped free) conditions and length to height ratio considered are 50 and 200.The hole area ratio is maintained as constant throughout the analysis as 0.04.Two different layers of laminate is considered those are 4 no’s and 8 no’s having six different orientations each.
The influence of the thickness parameter is inherent at higher modes of vibration. In this report we study the dynamic behaviour of various laminates with different holes.

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