Analysis and capacity based earthquake resistant design of
multi bay multi storeyed RC frame.

Vasavi, M (2007) Analysis and capacity based earthquake resistant design of
multi bay multi storeyed RC frame.
BTech thesis.



Earthquakes in different parts of the world demonstrated the disastrous consequences and vulnerability of inadequate structures. Many reinforced concrete (RC) framed structures located in zones of high seismicity in India are constructed without considering the seismic codal provisions.The vulnerability of inadequately designed structures represents seismic risk to occupants.The main cause of failure of multi-storey multi-bay reinforced concrete frames during seismic motion is the soft storey sway mechanism or column sway mechanism. If the frame is designed on the basis of strong column-weak beam concept the possibilities of collapse due to sway mechanisms can be completely eliminated. In multi storey frame this can be achieved by allowing the plastic hinges to form, in a predetermined sequences only at the ends of all the beams while the columns remain essentially in elastic stage and by avoiding shear mode of failures in columns and beams. This procedure for design is known as Capacity based design which would be the future design philosophy for earthquake resistant design of multi storey multi bay reinforced concrete frames. The aim of this project work is to present a detailed worked out example on seismic analysis and capacity based design of four-storey reinforced concrete frame building.

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