Design of digital FIR Filter using SPST based multipliers

K, Chandrashekar (2008) Design of digital FIR Filter using SPST based multipliers. MTech thesis.



Multiplication and addition are the most basic operations in all DSP applications.
We are going for a low power implementation of these basic operations, as the power has
a huge impact on the life of battery, as well as on the system life time. This paper
provides the experience of applying an advanced version of former spurious power
suppression technique(SPST) on multipliers for high speed and low power purposes. For
this first we are applying this SPST technique on adder. Later we use SPST based adder
on both modified booth decoder and the compression tree of multipliers to enlarge the
power reduction. The simulation results show that the SPST implementation with AND
gates own extremely high flexibility on adjusting the data asserting time which not only
facilitates the robustness of SPST but also leads speed improvement as well as
dissipating very lesser power by gaining 40% power reduction.For the application point of view i have designed a 12-tap,16 bit signed
digital FIR Filter in which i have used SPST based adder and multiplier components to
decrease the power as well as to increase the speed.
Simulation results show that the FIR filter with SPST based multipliers is
owning approximately 35% power reduction and 15% speed improvement compared to a
FIR filter with tree multipliers.

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