Removal of hydrogen sulfide using bio filter

Pandey, Devesh and Samudrala , Prasanth (2007) Removal of hydrogen sulfide using bio filter. BTech thesis.



Malodorous gases emitted from many environmental and industrial facilities are not a nuisance, but also cause significant health problems for workers and even nearby residents it can be treated using physical, chemical, and biological methods, but among these, biological treatment surpasses the physicochemical methods in that it costs the least and is easy to maintain. The gases are passed through biofilters packed with carriers into which deodorizing microorganisms are immobilized. Such techniques have been developed and are commonly used in various countries. In our present work, various biofilters such as in the gas-phase anaerobic bio removal of H2S for coal gasification fuel cell feed streams, removal of H2S by sulfate resistant Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans AZ11,Deodorization of H2S using porous lava as a carrier of Thiobacillus thioxides, H2S adsorption on a waste material used in bioreactors etc are analyzed. Based on the analysis of these biofilters, a design of horizontal bio trickling filter based on biological activated carbon is advocated. The bio trickling filter performance and its modeling is then discussed. The design of the filter is made on the basis of effluent gases in the IOCL Haldia refinery. A design of conventional H2S scrubber is designed next and the operating conditions and cost of filter and scrubber are compared.

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Hydrogen sulfide, Bio filter, H2S, AZ11, IOCL
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