Various nonlinear models and their identification, equalization and linearization

KUMAR, P Sujith (2008) Various nonlinear models and their identification, equalization and linearization. MTech thesis.



System identification is a pre-requisite to analysis of a dynamic system and design of an appropriate controller for improving its performance. The more accurate the mathematical model identified for a system, the more effective will be the controller designed for it. The identification of nonlinear systems is a topic which has received considerable attention over the last two decades. Generally speaking, when it is difficult to model practical systems by mathematical analysis method, system identification may be an efficient way to overcome the shortage of mechanism analysis method. The goal of the modeling is to find a simple and efficient model which is in accord with the practical system. In many cases, linear models are not suitable to present these systems and nonlinear models have to be considered. Since there are nonlinear effects in practical systems, e.g. harmonic generation, intermediation, desensitization, gain expansion and chaos, we can infer that most control systems are nonlinear. Nonlinear models are more widely used in practice, because most phenomena are nonlinear in nature. Indeed, for many dynamic systems the use of nonlinear models is often of great interest and generally characterizes adequately physical processes over their whole operating range. Thus, accuracy and performance of the control law increase significantly. Therefore, nonlinear system modeling is much more important than linear system identification. We will deal with various nonlinear models and their processing.

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