A study on use of waste polyethylene in bituminous paving mixes

Mohanty, Monika (2013) A study on use of waste polyethylene in bituminous paving mixes. MTech thesis.



Bituminous mixes are most commonly used all over the world in flexible pavement construction. It consists of asphalt or bitumen (used as a binder) and mineral aggregate which are mixed together, laid down in layers and then compacted. Under normal circumstances, conventional bituminous pavements if designed and executed properly perform quite satisfactorily but the performance of bituminous mixes is very poor under various situations. The present locally available OMFED polyethylene used as stabilizer in SMA, BC and DBM mixes to fulfil the present requirements of paving mixes. Optimum binder content (OBC) and optimum polyethylene content (OPC) have been derived by using Marshall Procedure. The OBCs have been found to be 4% for SMA and 4.5% for both BC and DBM by using stone dust as filler. By replacing some gradation of fine aggregate by granulated blast furnace slag and fly ash as filler the OBCs have been found to be 5% of bitumen for SMA and 4% of bitumen for both BC and DBM mixes. Similarly, OPC has been found to be 2% by weight of mixes for SMA and DBM and 1.5% for BC mixes where stone dust has been used as filler. After replacement of some gradation of fine aggregate by slag and considering fly ash as filler the OPCs have been found to be 1.5% of polyethylene for all types of mixes. Then considering OBC and OPC, the SMA, BC, and DBM mixes have been prepared and different performance tests like Drain down test, Static indirect tensile Strength Test and Static Creep test have been carried out to evaluate the effects of polyethylene as an stabilizer on mix properties. It is concluded from present investigation that addition of OMFED Polyethylene to mixes improve the mix properties like Marshall Stability, Drain down characteristics and indirect tensile strength.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Bituminous concrete (BC); Stone mix asphalt (SMA); Dense bound macadam (DBM)
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