Architectural implementation of cordic unit and its applications

Prasad, N (2013) Architectural implementation of cordic unit and its applications. MTech thesis.



The ubiquity of DSP has made increasing demand to develop area efficient and accurate architectures in carrying out many nonlinear arithmetic operations. One such architecture is CORDIC unit which has many applications in the field of DSP including implementing transforms based on Fourier basis. This report presents architecture of CORDIC, embedded with a scaling unit that has only minimal number of adders and shifters. It can be implemented in rotation mode as well as vectoring mode. The purpose of the design is to get a scaling free CORDIC unit preserving the design of original algorithm. The proposed design has a considerable reduction in hardware when compared with other scaling free architectures. The analysis of error for different word lengths and different input ranges for fixed word length gives a better choice to choose the parameters. The error in rotation mode for 16 bit data path, obtained for Y equivalent input is 0.073% and for X equivalent input is 0.067%. We also report architecture of a DFT core that is implemented using low latency CORDIC. A scaling unit has been included to get scaled outputs. The reported DFT core architecture has 22 adders in total, in addition to 2 CORDIC units. DDS or NCO are nowadays prominently used in the applications of RF signal processing, satellite communications, etc. This report also brings out the FPGA implementation of one such DDS which has quadrature outputs. The proposed DDS design, which is based on pipelined CORDIC, has considerable improvement in terms of SFDR compared to other existing designs at reduced hardware. This report also proposes multiplier-less architecture for the implementation of radix-2^2 folded pipelined complex FFT core based on CORDIC technique. The number of points considered in the work is sixteen and the folding is done by a factor of four.

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