Code Based Analysis of Object-Oriented Systems Using Extended Control Flow Graph

Islam, Shariq (2013) Code Based Analysis of Object-Oriented Systems Using Extended Control Flow Graph. BTech thesis.



The basic features of object-oriented software i.e. encapsulation, inheritance and poly- morphism makes it dicult to apply traditional testing methods to them. Traditional testing methods have been successfully implemented in procedural systems. One of the most commonly used example of white-box testing is basis path testing which ensures that every path of a program is executed at least once. Control Flow Graph(CFG) is a very well-known model that is used for identication of basis paths in procedural systems. McCabes cyclomatic complexity(CC) metric deter- mines that number of linearly independent paths through a piece of software using the control ow graph(CFG) to determine a set of test cases which will cause executable statements to be executed at least once. The major challenge here is calculation of cyclomatic complexity is easy for procedural systems, but due to basic properties of object-oriented system it is dicult. My work implements a new model named as Extended Control Flow Graph for code based analysis of object-oriented software. ECFG is a layered CFG where nodes refer to methods rather than statements. My work also implements the calculation of a new metric Extended Cyclomatic Complexity (E-CC).

Item Type:Thesis (BTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Software Testing;Basis path testing;Cyclomatic Complexity; Control Flow Graph;
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