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Bai, Anita (2013) Classication and Clustering Using Intelligent Techniques: Application to Microarray Cancer Data. MTech thesis.

D, Srinivasulu (2013) Evaluation of Software Understandability Using Software Metrics. MTech thesis.

Godboley, Sangharatna (2013) Improved Modified Condition/ Decision Coverage using Code Transformation Techniques. MTech thesis.

Kushwaha, Shreeram (2013) Multiobjective optimization of cluster measures in Microarray Cancer data using Genetic Algorithm Based Fuzzy Clustering. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Alina (2013) Dynamic Slicing of Object-Oriented and Aspect-Oriented Softwares. MTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Pranay (2013) Automated Academic Planning System. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Anima (2013) Helmholtz Principle-Based Keyword Extraction. MTech thesis.

Rastogi, Anurag and Gupta, Kirti (2013) Student Attendance Through Mobile Devices. BTech thesis.

Sahana, Dulal Chandra (2013) Software Defect Prediction Based on Classication Rule Mining. MTech thesis.

Sahoo, Shaktisri Anilranjan (2013) Link Prediction in Social Networks. BTech thesis.

Sethi, Jyoti Ranjan (2013) Study of Distance-Based Outlier Detection Methods. BTech thesis.

Sridhar, Adepu (2013) Generating Test Sequences and Slices for Simulink/Stateflow Models. MTech thesis.

Suman, Shashwat (2013) Improving Influenced Outlierness(INFLO) Outlier Detection Method. BTech thesis.

Swain, Swagatika (2013) Adequate Test Data Generation using Evolutionary Algorithms. MTech thesis.


., Prateek (2013) Intrusion Detection Using Self-Training Support Vector Machines. BTech thesis.

., Rakesh Ranjan (2013) K-Nearest Leader Follower Classifier. BTech thesis.


Agrawal, Ankit (2015) Classification of Sentimental Reviews Using Natural Language Processing Concepts and Machine Learning Techniques. MTech thesis.

Agrawal, Mohit (2012) Pattern Clustering using Soft-Computing Approaches. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Nitesh (2015) Novel Approach for Neighbourhood-based Collaborative Filtering. BTech thesis.

Agrawal, Pratik (2013) A Novel Heuristic for a Class of Independent Tasks in Computational Grids. MTech thesis.

Aneja, Anant and Patki, Akash Ramesh and Kumbhalwar, Rohit (2007) Approximate proper name matching. BTech thesis.

Anvesh, M (2014) Machine learning approaches for breast cancer diagnosis and their comparison. BTech thesis.

Arya, Dheeraj Kumar and Kumar, Rakesh (2012) Static Slicing of Interprocedural Programs. BTech thesis.

Asif, Mohammad (2013) Development of Cost Estimation Tool. BTech thesis.


Babu, Korra Sathya (2013) Utility-Based Privacy Preserving Data Publishing. PhD thesis.

Bakas, Jamimamul (2022) Compressed Multimedia Forgery Detection through Blind Digital Forensics. PhD thesis.

Barisal, Swadhin Kumar (2022) Escalation of Modified Condition/Decision Coverage for Object-Oriented Programs. PhD thesis.

Baxla, M A (2014) Comparative study of similarity measures for item based top n recommendation. BTech thesis.

Behera, Ananda Kumar (2014) Developing an Ontological approach to Content-based Recommendation System. BTech thesis.

Behera, Ranjan Kumar (2020) Linkage Based Community Detection in Social Networks. PhD thesis.

Bharti, Santosh Kumar (2019) Sarcasm Detection in Textual Data: A Supervised Approach. PhD thesis.

Bisht, Santoshi (2018) Challenges pertaining to Software Engineering in Health Care Systems (A Case Study on Deep Learning based Mammogram Classification). MTech thesis.


Chakrabarty, Avijit (2018) Improvement of Accuracy and Time Requirements in Traditional
Collaborative Filtering Techniques.
MTech thesis.

Chakraborty, Jayeeta (2022) Quantitative Analysis of Gait Disorder using Machine Learning Techniques. PhD thesis.

Choudhary, Aashish (2013) Modified Adhoc on Demand Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad hoc Network. MTech thesis.


Das, Banee Bandana (2023) Biometric System for Person Identification: Exploring Unimodal and Multimodal Techniques. PhD thesis.

Das, Sushobhan (2017) An Improved Extreme Learning Machine Using Cat Swarm Optimization. MTech thesis.

Das, Sushree (2018) Cost-effective and Fault-tolerant Model for Real-time Analysis. MTech thesis.

Dash, A. and George, L R (2010) Web Usage Mining: An Implementation. BTech thesis.

Dash, Amiya Kumar (2015) Harnessing Twitter for Automatic Sentiment Identification. MTech thesis.

Dev, Kapil (2016) Spatio-Textual Similarity Joins Using Variable Prefix Filtering and MBR Filtering. MTech thesis.

Dharchaudhuri, M (2010) Indexing of Large Biometric Database. BTech thesis.

Dileep, K and Rao, C M (2014) Analysis of collaborative filtering algorithms. BTech thesis.

Dixit , Rahul (2019) Detection of Image Region Duplication through Digital Forensics. PhD thesis.


Gahlaut, Himanshu (2009) Prevention of Malicious Transactions in Database Management Systems. BTech thesis.

Garg, Sumit Kumar and Meher, Ronak Kumar (2015) Naive Bayes Model with Improved Negation Handling and N-Gram Method for Sentiment Classification. BTech thesis.

Ghosh, Subhankar (2015) Characterization of Mammogram Using Ensemble Classification Technique for Detection of Breast Cancer. BTech thesis.

Gowtamreddy, P (2014) Opinion mining of online customer reviews. MTech thesis.


Islam, Shariq (2013) Code Based Analysis of Object-Oriented Systems Using Extended Control Flow Graph. BTech thesis.


Jain, Sachin kumar and Tandon, Ankit (2010) Balancing between data utility and privacy preservation in data mining. BTech thesis.

Jain, Yogesh Kumar (2012) A Study on Pattern Classification of Bioinformatics Datasets. BTech thesis.

Jayannavar, Prashant A. (2013) Community Detection in Networks. BTech thesis.


K otesh, Banoth (2014) A Study on Vehicle Trajectory Analysis. BTech thesis.

Kesarwani, Abhishek (2018) Development of Trust Based Access Control Models Using Fuzzy Logic in Cloud Computing. MTech thesis.

Kethavath, Shivaraju (2015) Classification of Sentiment Analysis on Tweets using Machine Learning Techniques. MTech thesis.

Khadanga, Swaraj (2015) Development of MapReduced Topic Sensitive PageRank. BTech thesis.

Khandelwal, Avijit (2013) Software Reliability Modeling using Fault Tree Analysis and Stochastic Petri Nets. MTech thesis.

Kolluri, Rajesh (2022) Design of Fluidic-Level Synthesis and Error Recovery Algorithms for Digital Microfluidic Biochips. PhD thesis.

Kumar, Gaurav and Pradhan, Ashish Kumar and Goyal, Avin and Neeraj, Nitesh Kumar (2013) Development of Automated Purchase System for NIT Rourkela. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Jitendra (2017) Sentiment Analysis Using Supervised Machine Learning Technique. MTech thesis.

Kumar, Mukesh (2017) Analysis of Microarray Data using Machine Learning Techniques on Scalable Platforms. PhD thesis.

Kumar, Mukesh (2013) Effort estimation for object-oriented system using artificial intelligence techniques. MTech thesis.

Kumar, Nishant (2016) Sentiment Analysis Using Hybrid Machine Learning Technique. MTech thesis.

Kumar, T (2014) Automatic text summarization. BTech thesis.

Kumar, Trun (2014) Automaic Text Summarization. BTech thesis.

Kumar , Dhiraj (2009) Study On Clustering Techniques And Application To Microarray Gene Expression Bioinformatics Data. MTech by Research thesis.

Kumar , Nitesh and Reddy, Ranabothu Nithin (2012) Automatic Detection of Fake Profiles in Online Social Networks. BTech thesis.


Laxman, Parne Balu (2013) Validation of UML Models for Interactive Systems with CPN and SPIN. MTech thesis.


Mahali, Prateeva (2021) Optimization and Prioritization of Test Scenarios for Object Oriented Systems using Soft Computing Techniques. PhD thesis.

Majhi, Snehashis (2021) Weakly-supervised Anomaly Detection and Classification in Untrimmed Surveillance Videos. MTech by Research thesis.

Mazumdar, Aniruddha (2010) Predicting customer purchase in an online
retail business, a Data Mining approach.
BTech thesis.

Meena, Deepak Kumar (2013) Test Case Generation From UML Interaction Overview Diagram
and Sequence Diagram.
MTech thesis.

Meher, Himanshu Kumar (2015) Study on Sentiment Analysis. BTech thesis.

Mehtani, Priyanka and Priya, Archita (2011) Pattern Classification using Artificial Neural Networks. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Sambit Kumar (2019) Techniques to Minimize Energy Consumption in Cloud System. PhD thesis.

Mishra, Subhendu (2013) Computing Slices for Interprocedural Programs. BTech thesis.

Mishra, Suchitra Kumari (2013) Risk Analysis at Design Level using UML Behavioral Diagrams. MTech thesis.

Mohapatra, Ramesh Kumar (2016) Handwritten Character Recognition of a Vernacular Language: The Odia Script. PhD thesis.

Mohapatra, Swaraj (2010) Classification of Electrocardiogram Waveforms Using PNN. BTech thesis.

Mr, Ankit (2017) Data Analytics in Healthcare. MTech thesis.

Muduli, Debendra (2022) On the Development of Improved Mammogram Detection System using Machine Learning Approaches. PhD thesis.

Mukherjea, Anindya (2016) Agile Business Suite Log Analysis and Stochastic Modeling of Transactions. MTech thesis.


N N, Niyas (2016) Patient Specific Electrocardiogram Beat Classification using Expectation Maximization Algorithm. MTech thesis.

Nag, Mamta (2018) Power Aware SQL. MTech thesis.

Nayak, D and Sahoo, M R (2014) Spam detection in collaborative tagging. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Debasish (2014) Analysis and Implementation of Admissible Heuristics in 8 Puzzle Problem. BTech thesis.

Nayak, Deepak Ranjan (2019) Towards Designing Improved Pathological Brain Detection System
using Machine Learning Approaches.
PhD thesis.


Panda, Aditi (2022) Refinement and Processing of Steel Microstructure Images Facilitating Automated Heat Treatment Process Prediction. PhD thesis.

Pandey, Vishal (2018) Language Model For Sanskrit. MTech thesis.

Panthi, Vikas (2017) Generation and Prioritization of Test Scenarios for Object-Oriented Software using UML State Machines. PhD thesis.

Patra , Sandeep Kumar and Prasad, Cheerala Sharat Chandra Santosh (2013) A Survey of different classification techniques and their comparison using Mc Nemar’s Test. BTech thesis.

Pradhan, Ipsit (2016) Anomaly Detection on Time Series Data. MTech thesis.

Pradhan, Jayajit Kumar (2012) Design of Web Based Newspaper. BTech thesis.

Priyadarshan, Soumyakant (2013) Community detection in social networks. BTech thesis.


Ramesh, Vaditya (2015) Study of Part of Speech Tagging. BTech thesis.

Rao, D Yogendra (2015) Recommender Systems using Collaborative Filtering. BTech thesis.

Rath, Nitish Kumar (2015) MapReduce Based Feature Selection and Classification of Microarray Dataset. BTech thesis.

Ray, Mitrabinda (2012) Prioritizing Program Elements: A Pre-testing Effort
To Improve Software Quality.
PhD thesis.

Ray, Ransingh Biswajit (2016) Design of Feature Selection Techniques and Classifiers for Big Data analysis. MTech thesis.

Reddy, Kotha Dinesh (2013) Plagiarism Detection using Enhanced Relative Frequency Model. MTech thesis.

Roy, Debaditya (2013) Determining t in t-closeness using Multiple Sensitive Attributes. MTech thesis.

Rungta, Shaswat (2015) Detecion of Opinion Spam in Online Reviews. BTech thesis.


Saha, Sugandha (2013) Comparison of Performance Analysis using Different Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic Models for Prediction of Stock Price. MTech thesis.

Sahu, Prithviraj (2013) A Resource Monitoring Scheme for Web Applications. MTech thesis.

Sahu, Santosh Kumar (2022) Analysis of Intrusion Data using Scalable Machine Learning Techniques. PhD thesis.

Samal, K.Krishna Rani (2022) Exploring Deep Learning Techniques for Data-driven Air Quality Modeling and Forecasting. PhD thesis.

Sanyal, Banhi (2022) On the Development of Indian TSR Systems using Machine Learning Techniques. PhD thesis.

Saroha, Ankit (2014) Survey of k-Anonymity. BTech thesis.

Sharma, Meghansh (2013) Optimization of Test Data for Basis Path Testing using Artificial Intelligence Techniques. MTech thesis.

Sharma, Suraj (2009) Design of Access Control Policy Checker (ACPC). MTech thesis.

Singh, Priyansu (2016) A New Graph-based Approach to Recommender Systems. MTech thesis.

Singh, Smriti (2015) Improved Techniques for Online Review Spam Detection. MTech thesis.

Singh, Vikash Kumar (2009) Machine Learning Techniques For Detecting Untrusted Pages on the Web. BTech thesis.

Singh , Amartya and Das , Kundan Kumar (2007) Application of data mining techniques in bioinformatics. BTech thesis.

Sinha, B K and Kumar, J (2010) Privacy Preserving Clustering In Data Mining. BTech thesis.

Soreng , R K (2012) Design of automated system for management of seminars at national institute of technology,rourkela. BTech thesis.


Thomas, Justine Raju (2015) Keyword Detection in Text Summarization. MTech thesis.


Usha, M Naga (2017) Multiple Objects Tracking in Surveillance System Using Big Data Analytics. MTech thesis.

Uttarkabat, Satarupa (2020) Outlier Detection using Unsupervised Learning Techniques. MTech by Research thesis.


Vallabhadas, Dilip Kumar (2013) Comparative study of distance metrics for t-closeness. MTech thesis.

Verma, Sachin (2018) UAV Pose Estimation in Indoor Corridor Using Monocular Vision and Deep Learning. MTech thesis.

Vulisetty, Anuja Swetha (1991) Protein Super family Classification using Artificial Neural
BTech thesis.


Yadav, Rakesh (2015) Genetic Algorithms Using Hadoop MapReduce. MTech thesis.

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