Test Case Generation From UML Interaction Overview Diagram
and Sequence Diagram

Meena, Deepak Kumar (2013) Test Case Generation From UML Interaction Overview Diagram
and Sequence Diagram.
MTech thesis.



The most important part of the testing attempts is the test case generation. Unified modeling language(UML) is the most generally used to describe design specification and analysis by both academic and industry. UML models offer a lot of information that should not be ignored in testing. Testing of software is a time-consuming activity which requires a great deal of planning and resources. In scenario-based testing, test scenarios are used for generating test cases, test drivers etc. By combining different UML components, different views of the program under test are used. UML provides the capability to enhance (explore) the static structure and dynamic behavior of a software system. Different UML strategies and techniques are implemented during the whole software development life cycle. Therefore UML becomes the source of test case generation. The main problems in testing object oriented programs is test case selection, it is impossible to stimulate the program with all data of the input domain. A pragmatic approach is to concentrate on typical message sequences as modled using the sequence diagram. Testing based on sequence diagrams seems to be intuitive. Each sequence diagram specifies one test case or set of test cases. We proposed a method generate test cases using Interaction Overview diagram and sequence diagram. Our work considers interaction operators of UML 2.0 Sequence diagram like alt , loop par to generate test cases. First we construct the SD and Interaction Overview diagram for the given problem .After this we generate XMI code for these diagram using magic draw software ,its generate ID’s of all nodes and all paths. Then we developed an intermediate graph, named UML in- teraction graph(UIG) and message dependency graph of sequence diagram. From the generated UIG, we generate different case, for represent different scenarios.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:UML models, sequence diagram, interaction overview diagram, combined fragment, UML interaction graph, test cases.
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Supervisor(s):Mohapatra, R K

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