Design of novel 1×2 diamond shaped microstrip patch array for WLAN and UWB applications

B, Saikumar (2013) Design of novel 1×2 diamond shaped microstrip patch array for WLAN and UWB applications. MTech thesis.



This thesis presents two antenna designs one is used for ultra wide band applications and other is used for only WLAN applications. UWB is a short distance radio communication technology that can perform high speed communications with speeds of more than 100Mbps modern communication system requires single antenna to cover several wireless bands. The UWB systems have received great attention in indoor and handheld wireless communication. Both antennas are designed and simulated and the simulation process has been done using CST software. FR4 substrate used for both antennas the feeding technique used here is microstrip line feed with dielectric constant of 4.4 and the substrate height of 1.6mm and loss tangent is 0.001. The presented antenna simulated and various parameters such as return loss, vswr, gain and radiation pattern has been investigated. In this thesis the first antenna presents a 1×2 diamond shaped patch array for WLAN applications. the main purpose of this design is to enhance the gain of the antenna. The presented antenna fabricated on a 44×48×1.6mm on thick FR4 substrate and covers the frequency range from 2.4 to 5.6GHz. The maximum gain achieved here is 7.22dB at 5.5GHz.this antenna used for applications such as Bluetooth operating at 2.4GHz and WLAN frequency bands at 3.3GHz, 3.5GHZ and WiMAX applications. The second antenna in this thesis presents 1×2 compact diamond shaped patch array for UWB applications. Modern antennas require single antenna to cover several wireless bands. The proposed antenna consists of 18×24×1.6mm with FR4 substrate. The proposed antenna covers the wide range 4 to 10.6GHz with max gain of 6.5dB at 10GHz. The presented antenna well suited for UWB applications. Both antennas are successfully designed and simulated and its showing broadband matched impedance stable gain and radiation pattern over the operating bandwidth.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:microstrip antenna; patch array; WLAN; UWB; Diamond shaped patch array; Gain; Bandwidth
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