Effect of setback on fundamantal period of RC framed buildings

Agrawal, Vinay Mohan (2013) Effect of setback on fundamantal period of RC framed buildings. MTech thesis.



Setback buildings with geometric irregularity (both in elevation and plan) are now increasingly encountered in modern urban construction. Setback buildings are characterised by staggered abrupt reductions in floor area along the height of the building, with consequent drops in mass, strength and stiffness. Height-wise changes in stiffness and mass render the dynamic characteristics of these buildings different from the ‘regular’ building. This paper presents the design code perspective of this building category. Almost all the major international design codes recommend dynamic analysis for design of setback buildings with scaled up base shear corresponding to the fundamental period as per the code specified empirical formula. However, the empirical equations of fundamental period given in these codes are a function of building height, which is ambiguous for a setback building. It has been seen from the analysis that the fundamental period of a setback building changes when the configuration of the building changes, even if the overall height remains the same. Based on modal analysis of 90 setback buildings with varying irregularity and height, this study proposes a correction factor to the empirical code formula for fundamental period, to render it applicable for stepped buildings

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:geometric irregularity, stepped building, fundamental period, regularity index, modal participation factor
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