Evaluation of Truck Dispatch System and its Application using GPS in Opencast Mines- a Case Study of Indian Mines

Reddy, Challa Dinesh (2013) Evaluation of Truck Dispatch System and its Application using GPS in Opencast Mines- a Case Study of Indian Mines. BTech thesis.



Truck haulage now a days is the most common means which is used for moving ore/waste in open-cast mining operations. The truck haulage is usually the costliest unit operation in a truck shovel open cast mining. The advancement in computer coding technology has advanced to a point where there are many truck dispatching systems which will give the potential of advancing truck-shovel productivity and future savings. By trying a dispatching system in any mine can give operational increase in production by minimizing waiting times and can give other beneficial advantages and can also be obtained through good monitoring, optimal routing. The capacity of the employed truck-shovel fleet counts on the dispatching methodology in use, the intricacy of the truck shovel system and a number of other variables. It is a very common situation in mining that considerable number of analysis of the available techniques is undertaken before dispatching is done. In many number of cases, computer simulation is the better applicable and effective method of relating the alternative dispatching strategies. Keeping this in mind computer programs are developed using C++ language for the monitoring of the equipment performance in truck dispatch system in opencast mines. To study about the truck dispatch system (TDS), we have made a choice to make it on the shovel dumper combination using GPS. In TDS system the computer monitors the location and status whether the dumper is full or empty and its heading, velocity of each vehicle in the fleet. The system analyses production numbers, such as haul routes, historic data about drive time to a specific shovel location and the cycle time and time taken to make a complete trip, trip from the shovel to the dump site and back.

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