To Study The Reduction And Swelling Behaviour Of Iron Ore Pellets.

Agarwal, Ripu Sudan and Hembram, Sachin (2013) To Study The Reduction And Swelling Behaviour Of Iron Ore Pellets. BTech thesis.



Due to low availability of coking coal and huge establishment cost of Blast Furnace plants, the predominant route of Iron making has meandered away from this conventional route to a modern route of Iron making. This route involves production of Directly Reduced Iron (DRI) using non-coking coal and gases as the reducing agent. The commercial name of DRI is Sponge Iron owing to its spongy appearance since the ore is reduced in solid rather than liquid state. Since DRI can work with low quality non-coking coal, it makes the best possible usage of cheap coal available in India. High availability of low- quality and iron-ore and coal, the low establishment cost of DRI plants has over the years attracted multitude of opportunist to earn a fortune in this sector. India is the leading producer of sponge iron in world, producing nearly about 30% of the total DRI world production. In spite of these hearting figures a very little research has been carried out regarding the physical and chemical behavior of Iron-ore pellets when reduced using non coking coal. The present project work endeavors to study the reduction and swelling behavior of Iron-ore of Sakurruddin mines using coal obtained from Vasundhara mines. The first chapter gives a concise overview of the present DRI market and the position of India amongst other world players in its production. The second chapter deals with literature review, the third with the selection of ore, preparation of pellets and the reduction of the pellet ore. The chapter deals with the experimental findings of the scholars followed by conclusion, future work suggestions. At the end an inventory of references has been mentioned in order to allow the reader to carry out a more detailed investigation if required.

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