Suitability study of ripper-dozer combination in Indian mines

Singh, Manish (2013) Suitability study of ripper-dozer combination in Indian mines. BTech thesis.



In the open cast mining drilling and blasting operations are required for extraction of ore or coal and simultaneously it helps in loosening the strata. Drilling and blasting operations are associated with a numerous number of problems such as formation of dust, evolution of harmful gases, ground vibrations, crack development and production of noise. As a result these operations are not considered as eco-friendly. So we are in a search of blast free mining method. Also these operations are too costly as a lot of machinery and labour cost is associated with it. Blast free mining is the demand of the era to conserve the environment. As s a result from various kinds of studies and research it has been found that Ripper dozer could be a possible solution. Ripper dominantly put in use for the extraction of overburden. It not only reduces the number of machinery but also produces a better solution for the problems posed by drilling and blasting operations. As a result we have to be conscious for installing any ripper and dozer so proper rippability measurement of the strata with the present machine to be installed must be done properly. There are various constraints on which rippability of rocks depend on. Relationships are studied between the constraints and production of rippers. Taking in account of all these constraints rippers are employed into the mines.

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