Interference Suppression in WCDMA with Adaptive Thresholding based Decision Feedback Equaliser

Patel , Shefalirani (2013) Interference Suppression in WCDMA with Adaptive Thresholding based Decision Feedback Equaliser. MTech thesis.



WCDMA is considered as one of the 3G wireless standards by 3GPP. Capacity calculation shows that WCDMA systems have more capacity compared to any other multiple access technique such as time division multiple access (TDMA) or frequency division multiple access (FDMA). So it is widely used. Rake receivers are used for the detection of transmitted data in case of WCDMA communication systems due to its resistance to multipath fading. But rake receiver treat multiuser interference (MUI) as AWGN and have limitation in overcoming the effect of multiple access interference (MAI) when the SNR is high. A de-correlating matched filter has been used in this thesis, which eliminates and improves system performance. But the given receiver works well only in the noise free environment. A DFE, compared to linear equaliser, gives better performance at severe ISI condition. The only problem in this equalisation technique is to select the number of symbols that are to be fed back. This thesis gives an idea on multiple symbol selection, based on sparity where an adaptive thresholding algorithm is used that computes the number of symbols to feedback. Simulated results show a significant performance improvement for Regularised Rake receiver along with thresholding in terms of BER compared to a rake receiver, de-correlating rake receiver and regularised rake receiver. The performance of the receiver in different channels is also analysed.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:WCDMA Receiver; DFE; Adaptive thresholding; Interference;
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