The effect of bamboo fiber on the performance of stone matrix asphalt using SLAG as aggregate replacement

Munda, Duryodhan (2013) The effect of bamboo fiber on the performance of stone matrix asphalt using SLAG as aggregate replacement. BTech thesis.



Stone matrix asphalt, was first of all developed in 1960 in Germany which now largely helps in providing a greater permanent deformation resistance, durability to surfacing materials, longer service life, improved ageing ,high resistance in cracking, fatigue, wear, better skid resistance and like in reducing noise. It is a gap graded mixture of aggregates which helps by maximizing the asphalt -cement content and fractions of coarse aggregate. It is a stable, rut -resistant mixture and tough which relies on aggregate-aggregate contact for providing strength. Along with rich mortar binder it provides better durability. The SMA sample is prepared by mixing coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, filler as per the gradation chart given by the standard code when using stabilizer and without stabilizers. A fibre that is readily available in nature, less cost effective comparing to other non-conventional fibres has been used as stabilizer. It is Bamboo fibre, which is cellulose fibre extracted from naturally available Bamboo stem. It has high strength in fibre direction, greater tensile, flexural and impact strength. Thinness degree of fibre can easily be obtained from it. It is durable in nature, possesses tenacity and good stability value. An attempt has been made to find out its suitability in increasing the stability and flow value in the mixture of Stone Matrix Asphalt Mixes. For this project, we have prepared SMA mixes using stone as coarse aggregate, slag in partial replacement of coarse aggregate and used different stabilizers and have tried to compare the results at a varying bitumen content of 4,5,5.5,6,7 % bitumen. The stabilizers were used at an optimum of 0.3% of the weight of sample.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Bamboo Fibre; Stone Matrix Asphalt; Marshall Test; Cellulose; Stability
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