Static and free vibration analysis of laminated composite skew plate with and without cutout

Sahu , Girish Kumar (2013) Static and free vibration analysis of laminated composite skew plate with and without cutout. MTech thesis.



Most of the structures generally under severe static and dynamic loading and different constrained conditions during their service life. This may lead to bending, buckling and vibration of the structure. Therefore, it is necessary to predict the static and vibration responses of laminated composite plates/skew plates precisely with less computational cost and good accuracy of these complex structures and. A suitable finite element model is proposed and developed based on first order shear deformation theory using ANSYS parametric design language (APDL) code. This is well that, the theory accounts for the linear variation of shear stresses along the longitudinal and thickness direction of the laminates. The model has been discretised using an appropriate four noded isoparametric element (SHELL181) from the ANSYS element library. The free vibration and bending responses are computed using Block-Lanczos and Gauss elimination algorithm steps. The responses like, transverse deflections, normal and shear stresses and natural frequencies of composite laminates are obtained through batch method of APDL code. The convergence test has been done of the developed model for all different cases and compared with those available published literature. Parametric effects (modular ratio, support conditions, ply orientations, number of layers, thickness ratio, geometry of cutout, cutout side to plate side ratio and skew angle) on the static and free vibration responses are discussed in detail.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Static analysis; Free vibration; Finite Element Method; Laminated Composite Plate; Skew plate
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Engineering and Technology > Mechanical Engineering > Structural Analysis
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