Recognition of License Plates and Optical Nerve Pattern Detection Using Hough Transform

Deo, Abhinav (2013) Recognition of License Plates and Optical Nerve Pattern Detection Using Hough Transform. MTech thesis.



The global technique of detection of the features is Hough transform used in image processing, computer vision and image analysis. The detection of prominent line of the object under consideration is the main purpose of the Hough transform which is carried out by the process of voting. The first part of this work is the use of Hough transform as feature vector, tested on Indian license plate system, having font of UK standard and UK standard 3D, which has ten slots for characters and numbers.So tensub images are obtained.These sub images are fed to Hough transform and Hough peaks to extract the Hough peaks information. First two Hough peaks are taken into account for the recognition purposes. The edge detection along with image rotation is also used prior to the implementation of Hough transform in order to get the edges of the gray scale image. Further, the image rotation angle is varied; the superior results are taken under consideration. The second part of this work makes the use of Hough transform and Hough peaks, for examining the optical nerve patterns of eye. An available database for RIM-one is used to serve the purpose. The optical nerve pattern is unique for every human being and remains almost unchanged throughout the life time. So the purpose is to detect the change in the pattern report the abnormality, to make automatic system so capable that they can replace the experts of that field. For this detection purpose Hough Transform and Hough Peaks are used and the fact that these nerve patterns are unique in every sense is confirmed.

Item Type:Thesis (MTech)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Hough transform;Automatic number plate recognition;RIM-ONE database;optical nerve patterns
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