Preparation of oxalic acid from molasses

Sethy , Amit (2013) Preparation of oxalic acid from molasses. BTech thesis.



Oxalic acid is the simplest of dicarboxylic acid. Its name is derived from the Greek Oxyes meaning sharp, acidic serfering to the acidity common in the foloage of certain plants from which it was first isolated. Oxalic acid is commercially available as the dihydrate containing 28.5% water. It is a monoclinic prism, particles size varying from fine powder to coarse granules which are also colorless, melting point 187oC of anhydrous form and 101.5oC of dihydrate form. Oxalic acid is one of the most widespread organic acid in plants. In this project a commercial method of preparation of Oxalic acid at 30 ton per day is presented using molasses as the starting material. This project also highlights the material & energy balance as well as description of a few equpiments used in this process. Other important features includes cost estimation , instrumatation& process control of equipment used in the process & a possible plant layout based on scientific principles & commercial requirement.

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